This ’60s Microcar by Ferrari Is Tough, Cute, and Classic—and It’s Headed to Auction

This ’60s Microcar by Ferrari Is Tough, Cute, and Classic—and It’s Headed to Auction

By Kathryn M.
The very rare sunshine-yellow Ferves Ranger, a 1960s design by Carlo Ferrari, will be up for grabs in May.

Whether or not you’re a fan of tiny things—from homes to campers—there is a good chance this darling microcar by Carlo Ferrari will make you smile. Known as the Ferves Ranger—‘Ferves’ being an acronym built from the first letters of Ferrari Veicoli Speciali—the peppy off-roader was first unveiled at the 1966 Turin Motor Show in Northwest Italy.

The two-wheel drive Ferves Ranger, soon headed to auction, dates back to 1968 and is currently located on Amelia Island in southern Florida. One of approximately 50 known survivors, the restored tiny car is a true Italian oddity—and one eager for adventure.

Though the car is undoubtably cute, rest assured it sports form and function. Ferrari crafted the durable Italian vehicle to have both off- and on-road capabilities: It features independent front and rear suspension, an air-cooled, two-cylinder engine, and a four-speed manual transmission. He also designed it to be super lightweight, so owners could push, pull, or slide the car, if needed.

Dressed in a vibrant shade of yellow, the retro off-roader features a black convertible top, roll-up side windows, and a rear-mounted spare tire. 

At the 1966 Turin Motor Show, two models of the Ferves Ranger were revealed: a two-wheel drive variant and a four-wheel drive variant. In both, a variety of Fiat parts were used for the cars’ makeups, including pieces from the Fiat 500 and Fiat 600D. Ferrari also kept the exterior simple, relying on steel and aluminum for the frame. All these design decisions make the vehicle relatively easy to repair and maintain. 

The Ferves Ranger is a convertible in the truest sense: The top comes off completely, the front windshield drops down, and the doors can be removed. 

Despite the positive reception and accolades the car received when it was revealed, only about 600 ended up being produced. Today, it is estimated that there are just 50 Ferves Rangers around—one of which is awaiting auction in Florida.

The soon-to-be auctioned Ferves Ranger is registered and ready to go. 

"The example RM Sotheby’s is offering at its Amelia Island sale is a beautifully presented two-wheel drive Ranger, and given the model scarcity, it is an opportunity that comes around very rarely," notes Peter Haynes of the real estate company. "On that basis, this fun and endearing little car is likely to attract numerous collectors and enthusiasts." Scroll ahead to see more of the vehicle, which goes to auction on May 22, 2021.

The interior sports a minimalist aesthetic, with the first two seats covered in black leather.

The utilitarian car can comfortably seat four.

Though small in size, the off-roader is equipped with an 18-brake horsepower engine from the Fiat 500, and suspension from the Fiat 600.

"Wherever this Ranger roams, it will readily do so with total uniqueness," reads the RM Sotheby’s listing. 

The 1968 Ferves Ranger is currently located on Amelia Island in Florida, and will head to auction on 22 May 2021 via RM Sotheby's.

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