29 Ideas for Stylishly Stacking Firewood This Fall

29 Ideas for Stylishly Stacking Firewood This Fall

We have as many ideas for stacking your stash of firewood as we do plans for stoking the fire this fall.

With summer now officially over, we find ourselves increasingly ready for the fall and its autumnal colors, falling leaves, sweater weather, and, of course, cosy nights by the fire. We love attention to detail, and have gathered 29 examples of ways to stack your firewood so that it looks intentional, considered, and easy-to-access rather than haphazard and in constant peril of toppling over. Whether they're just artfully stacked or in a purpose-built niches, take a look below to get some ideas about how to store firewood so that it's ready to heat up your living room in a flash!

At an idyllic home designed for an artist, architect Michelle Linden designed a gravel path leading to the front door that passes through firewood storage and the central courtyard. The firewood is stacked high on either side, so that one can pick up the firewood on their way inside. Photo by Eirik Johnson

Scandinavian architecture firm C.F. Møller designed a serene, zinc-clad home in Aarhus, Denmark. On the interior, a large, three-sided fireplace incorporated into a floating wall helps connect two spaces and warm up the home, and the wall also incorporates a purpose-designed niche filled with firewood for easy re-stoking.

Designed by Austin, Texas–based studio Andersson-Wise Architects, the 12,500-square-foot Stone Creek Camp is sited on a sloping hill whose topography guides visitors to discover the grounds slowly: from the gatehouse to the master house, main lodge, and guesthouse. The eco-friendly family retreat features a stacked wood facade that was built from fallen trees found on the site; a sod green roof that provides insulation; and stone, wood, windows, doors, and other construction materials sourced regionally.

At an eco-retreat in Quebec, geodesic kit domes had their interiors designed by Bourgeois/Lechasseur Architects, complete with a wood-clad outdoor firewood storage that ensures that guests are well stocked.

Artist Lauren Ewing designed a stylish but subtle home in her native Indiana, using Canadian maple for the hallway and living-room floors, giving them a bright, clean look. A built-in shelving system borders the hearth, creating functional and decorative storage spaces for firewood collected on-site.

Inspired by historic American farmhouses, a modern dwelling at the base of the Rocky Mountain Foothills in West Boulder, Colorado was designed by Boulder-based firm Surround Architecture. At the transition between the living room and kitchen, firewood is stored in a metal box that projects out from the wall, announcing itself with its contrasting color and slim profile.

Integrated seating and firewood storage in the courtyard is crafted out of limestone at this home in Melbourne, Australia. Robson Rak Architects needed to refashion a historical cottage and stable building into a new family residence, and selected a modern palette with a long, narrow storage space for firewood.

This traditional stone home in France was renovated with a living room that features built-in storage for firewood, allowing the homeowners to stack logs by the fireplace.

This passive house home in Little Flats, New York designed by in.site:architecture only uses a cord of firewood during its first winter, and its stacked firewood cache is stored next to the fireplace on a tall, slim piece of furniture.

Designer and artist Ty Kelly built this 700 square foot home in 2013 as a prefabricated home made from two recycled shipping containers. Firewood storage was kept on the exterior of the home, allowing for space to be saved on the interior; the firewood is stored in a projecting exterior box clad in wood siding that matches that of the rest of the home.

At a home designed in the 1980s in Connecticut, the central space of the home is occupied by a hearth with an adjacent space for firewood storage. Together, they form a symmetrical composition.

The living room in this California home has a wood-burning fireplace and a dedicated nook for firewood storage. The nook is tall and narrow while the fireplace opening itself is long and short, creating an exciting and engaging composition on the wall.

London-based architecture group Theis and Khan designed their own office space, an art gallery and family home with a hanging fireplace and built-in cove for firewood. The cove creates a tabletop-like surface on top and brings texture to the space.

An 18th century townhouse in London was renovated by the design-build firm of Chan+Eayrs. For the kitchen, Arabescato slabs with little butterfly joints are used for the countertops, combined with a large dresser with twisted brass pulls. Integrated into the kitchen island are four large open shelves for firewood storage, allowing the firewood to contrast with the smooth wood cabinetry.

To heat their renovated home in southwestern France that formerly functioned as an old mill built in 1822, Blee Halligan Architects installed a 17.75-inch-tall, 15.75-inch-wide, and 15.75-inch-deep wood-burning stove equipped with a built-in water boiler. The stove was built into an old doorway that was no longer needed, and elevated on a metal platform that incorporated firewood storage horizontally below the fireplace.

Architecture firm _naturehumaine designed a dream hideaway in eastern Quebec, complete with a centralized fireplace. The modern fireplace was built into a custom, multi-purpose cabinet welded from sheets of hot-rolled steel. It stores firewood on one end with an open shelve, holds a TV, and even acts as a guardrail for the staircase.

A woodburning stove keeps the 820-square foot interior of this off-grid home in eastern Washington state by Jesse Garlick. The True North wodo stove from Pacific Energy is fed firewood stored in the stacked wood cabinets adjacent.

Passionate cooks, the Burtons installed a Mugnaini wood-fired oven in their kitchen and had a custom Grillery fireplace-barbecue built into the concrete block wall on their deck at their home in northern California designed by Marmol Radziner. Beneath the grill in the prefab home, they store oak firewood collected from their property.

Tigg Coll Architects took a new approach to a straightforward town house renovation and expansion in London. The home’s rear extension has its own personality, with with pivoting glass doors, sharp red support beams, and a wood-burning fireplace. The overhanging concrete plinth acts as a hearth or, as Tigg imagines it, a sort of contemporary inglenook. Wood piles neatly between the beam and wall. The fireplace, a Stovax Riva 2, is flanked by a Lampe Gras wall lamp; firewood is cleverly stored in the narrow space between the fireplace and the red support beam, creating a fun moment of practical texture in the room.

On an agricultural estate in Portugal, Blaanc Studio designed a simple retreat that does its utmost not to interfere with the scenic backdrop. The home was built with rammed earth, which is known for its thermal properties that help maintain a mild temperature all year long. A large, open fireplace with plenty of wood storage is used to warm the living area in winter. The firewood storage's open shelving is carefully located on the side of the island that doesn't face the living room, making sure that it is only visible in certain locations.

Firewood is on display here at this home by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, where it is stacked on a shelf with open sides that is kept in place by thin cables. Two fireplaces, a stair to the lower level and cabinets for storage are located within the exposed structure.

At a renovated farmhouse in the Italian countryside, a crisp, modern white plaster fireplace and hearth infuse the interior with coziness and warmth. The firewood is stacked in a nearly-frameless niche next to the fireplace that is lined with metal, adding a bit of shine that contrasts with the rustic firewood and wood ceiling and beams above.

This outdoor fireplace in Austin, Texas is generously sized and created out of board-formed concrete, with a spot directly adjacent for firewood storage and a wood shelf running in front for added storage.

Hufft Projects designed the blackened steel "fireplace wall," which includes a Lennox wood-burning stove and an entertainment center. Ample firewood storage is incorporated below the fireplace and television, with enough wood storage for over a week.

Architect George Bradley and his husband, Eddie Baba, renovated a 1941 house in San Francisco. Tiles from Heath Ceramics surround the Ortal Clear 130LS fireplace. The white ceramic logs are by Klein Reid (but of course can be replaced with real firewood!), and the firewood storage continues the same dark horizontal band that contrasts with the light-colored fireplace cladding.

Who says that firewood can't be stored in a simple and straightforward wood box? At a writer's home off the coast of Maine, Alex Scott Porter Design selected a Morsø wood stove that, together with its hearth of local Criehaven beach stone, gives off enough heat to warm the entire cottage. Firewood is kept in a simple wooden box next to the fireplace.

Firewood abounds at this historic homestead that was converted from a neglected farm in rural Germany into a sustainable and modern vacation village by an artist couple from Amsterdam. The sauna is powered by the stacked firewood outside, which keeps it at 70 degrees -- a warm, enveloping temperature that is gentler on the circulatory system.

At a modern, renovated home in Melbourne designed by NORTHBOURNE Architecture + Design, a new fireplace was installed above a marble hearth that doubles as a bench with storage for firewood underneath.

Morten Bo Jensen, the chief designer at Vipp—whose headquarters are located in Islands Brygge—and his partner, graphic designer Kristina May Olsen, bought a loft space in the former Viking pencil factory in 2011. The circa-1910 factory building was updated with a small but powerful stove with a wall filled to the ceiling with firewood, lit from above with a skylight. The stacked firewood becomes almost a moment of art that fills the wall, its texture and color contrasting sharply with the crisp white walls and its end grain on display.


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