Koto’s Latest Prefab Cabin Is Stacked to Capture Views

The UK builder’s sleek two-story design places an emphasis on connecting to the surrounding landscape.
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In a continued quest to craft prefab homes that are sustainable and stylish, Koto has quite literally leveled up. The UK firm, which has grown a cult following for its angular, Scandinavian-inspired cabins, recently announced a two-story model named the Falcon House.

"It’s dynamic," says Zoe Little, a cofounder at Koto. "Two cuboid modules are stacked on top of each other and twisted to create a striking sculptural form."

To ensure the interiors get plenty of light—and in anticipation of buyers placing the home in natural settings—Koto designed the Falcon House with a flipped layout, placing the living spaces on top. "This maximizes views, and accommodates cozier bedrooms on the lower floor," says Little.

The black timber exterior mimics the look of shou sugi ban, a Japanese process in which cladding is charred to make a home weather and fire resistant.

The interiors are coated in plaster to give the timber a subtle texture.

Cross-laminated timber for the exterior mimics the look of shou sugi ban, while double-glazed windows stretch from floor to ceiling to illuminate the interiors. A minimalist palette provides a sense of serenity from room to room.

The home is manufactured to be "plug and play," says Little, in that each piece is fabricated off-site before being delivered and assembled in situ. Currently, the lead time for construction is at most six months, and a structure similar to the Falcon House is priced at about $300,000. The firm’s interiors brand, Koto Living, can be hired separately to add furnishings.

The entire home can be furnished by Koto Living, the company’s interiors brand.

"The timeless and distinctive aesthetic of minimalism that Koto embodies is accentuated in the interiors," says Zoe Little, one of the company’s cofounders.

Koto has partnered with manufacturers across America, the UK, and Europe to craft and deliver the Falcon House or a similar design to customers looking for a home that syncs with the beauty of the landscape.

Each aspect of the Falcon House is customizable. In this home, a moody bathroom contrasts with the rest of the light interiors.



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