Dwell’s Top 10 Design Pros of 2017

We celebrate the architecture firms that have led the way in Dwell's online community.
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As Dwell founder and CEO Lara Deam wrote in her Editor's Letter for the upcoming January/February issue The Power of Design, "Modernism...responds to the time in which we live. To achieve this requires talent. Not all of us are capable of doing it." It takes the vision and expertise of professionals, like those found in the Dwell Pro Index, to shepherd us through the process. Below, we recognize the Dwell Pros whose contributions to the site and the community have embodied the greatness of modern design.

10. Zack | de Vito Architecture + Construction

HillSide House in Mill Valley, California

Zack | de Vito Architecture + Construction is a multi-disciplinary design office and architect-led construction company providing architecture, interior design, and construction services in Northern California. Their philosophy is to design buildings with attention and detail, while maintaining discipline, thoroughness, and big picture overview.

9. Hufft

Snower Restoration in Kansas City, Missouri

Hufft is a design firm that creates meaningful spaces and objects. Their authentic approach, inspired by people and places, integrates designers and builders into one holistic process.

8. Red Dot Studio

Space-Efficient Renovation in San Francisco, California

Red Dot Studio is a Bay Area practice focused on residential and small business clients. Their process elicits discovery and fun, a synthesis shared among studio, client and construction team. Red Dot Studio believes that the built environment can enhance, enlighten and foster good for people and the community.

7. ZeroEnergy Design

Brookline Residence in Brookline, Massachusetts

ZeroEnergy Design creates innovative and environmentally sensible homes. Their multidisciplinary team of architecture, engineering, and business professionals takes a calculated approach to modern green design and sustainability. The consistent result is a beautiful, high-performance home that holistically matches the owner’s lifestyle, aesthetic desires, and environmental ideology.

6. DeForest Architects

Yum Yum Farm in Iowa

Known for warm modern design that "plays well with others," DeForest Architects is dedicated to engaging clients in the fun and creativity of the design process. Working closely with clients throughout the Northwest, California, Hawaii, and beyond, the firm thrives on inventing new ways to live, work, and play.

5. RobitailleCurtis

Custom American cherry pocket doors lead to the dining room. By RobitailleCurtis

RobitailleCurtis is an award-winning architecture, landscape architecture, and interiors firm based in Burlington, Vermont and Montreal, QC. They strive for an understated elegance of form, richness in material composition, and a lasting sense of integrity and durability.

4. Schwartz and Architecture

29th Street Residence in San Francisco, California

Schwartz and Architecture is an architecture studio based in San Francisco, California that fosters a critical practice through built work. Their design sensibility is characterized by a subtle choreography of movement, light, and material textures to create spaces that unfold into dynamic yet unified environments.

3. Robert Hutchison Architecture

Robert Hutchison Architecture is a Seattle-based design studio which specializes in residential design. In partnership with clients, consultants and contractors, RHA fuses pragmatic solutions with poetic sensibilities.The firm has emerged as a recognizable and unique voice in the Pacific Northwest design community.

2. Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

Casa Lama in Mallorca, Spain

Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects is an architecture, interior design, and construction firm specializing in modern sustainable high end houses for the Hamptons and coastal areas world wide. Architecture is a patient search and theirs is a collaborative approach.

1. Design Platform

Thole Residence in Denver, Colorado

Design Platform is an architecture and construction firm in Denver, Colorado focused on modern, sustainable, urban projects with an emphasis on complete project management. Their belief in the active participation of clients in the designing and building processes allows for collaboration, expression of ideas, and an honest dialog.

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