The Dwell 24: Gary Fernández

The Dwell 24: Gary Fernández

By Dwell
Using concrete as his medium, Brooklyn–based designer Gary Fernández creates sculptural candleholders, vases, and other vessels.

When Gary Fernández moved to the United States from Spain 10 years ago, he found work as an illustrator for Coca-Cola, Honda, and other big consumer brands. Yet he still felt like something was missing. "I became interested in doing something more three-dimensional," says the Brooklyn-based designer, "and my first idea was to translate all those graphic elements into something tangible."

At first, he experimented with cardboard, using layers to create otherworldly masks and sculptures. Dismayed by their fragility, he taught himself to cast objects in concrete, making vases, candleholders, and other vessels that have the same sculptural look as his cardboard experiments.

Concrete vessels by Gary Fernández

Concrete candle holder by Gary Fernández

"Conceptually," says Fernández, "I’m interested in using accessible materials to create something that goes beyond the ordinary."

You can learn more about Gary by visiting his website or on Instagram

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