What's Your Favorite Book on Design or Architecture?

What's Your Favorite Book on Design or Architecture?

By Jenny Xie
Replenish our "to-read" lists with your favorite titles on design or architecture.

We recently created a roundup of 10 books for the design lover's library, and now we're on the hunt for more recommendations. What must-reads would you suggest for the design community?

Since we love hearing what you think, we’re featuring your top picks here. Take a look below and keep sending us your favorite book titles so that we can add them to the list!

1. Fallingwater: A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House by Edgar Kaufmann Jr.

Publisher: Abbeville Publishing Group (November 28, 1993)

2. The Voynich Manuscript by Unknown

Publisher: Unknown (15th Century)

 Publisher: Harvest, 1 edition (April 6, 1977)

4. Space and Anti-Space by Steven Kent Peterson


Publisher: Unkown (1980)

5. The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard

Publisher: Beacon Press, reprint edition (April 1, 1994) 

6. The Wood Book by Romeyn Beck Hough

Publisher: Taschen America, new edition edition (December 1, 2013)

Publisher: Gestalten, Slp Blg edition (September 25, 2015)

8. Finn Juhl and His House by Per H. Hansen

Publisher: Hatje Cantz (September 30, 2014)

9. Wabi Sabi by Leonard Cohen

Publisher: Imperfect Publishing, unknown edition (November 1, 2008)

10. A Patter Language by Christopher Alexander, et. al

Publisher: Oxford University Press (1977)

11. Minimum by John Pawson

Publisher: Phaidon Press (April 18, 2006)

12. A Philosophy of Interior Design by Stanley Abercrombie

Publisher: Westview Press; Reprint edition (February 5, 1991)

Publisher: Island Press (October 25, 2010) 

Publisher: Rizzoli, First Edition edition (October 12, 2010)

Publisher: Rizzoli, 6th edition (August 15, 1991)

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