Discover How Architect Chad Oppenheim Is Reinventing the Suburb

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By Heather Corcoran / Published by Dwell
At Dwell on Design New York, a designer of luxe residences and resorts talks about updating a tired typology: the suburban subdivision.

Since the birth of the Levittown, the concept of the suburb has been hotly debated. These quintessential American communities purport to offer safety, space, and good schools, but sometimes such conveniences can come at the cost of individuality and attention to design. Now, architects are looking to change that paradigm by taking elements of high-end architecture and imparting them on the neighborhood scale, proving that surban architecture doesn't have to be boring.

Discover How Architect Chad Oppenheim Is Reinventing the Suburb - Photo 1 of 4 -

In Florida, architect Chad Oppenheim has partnered with developer Terra and architect Roney J. Mateu on Botaniko Weston, an architect-designed planned community of just over 100 houses.

At Dwell on Design New York, architect Chad Oppenheim of Oppenheim Architecture + Design will reveal his vision for the neighborhood of the future: Botaniko Weston. Learn more about this project, and what suburban architecture can take from the urban environment in the discussion "Reinventing the Suburb with Chad Oppenheim" on Saturday, October 3, at 2:45 p.m. 

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