Create a Spa-Like Ambiance in Your Bathroom With These Designer Tips

These key features and smart design techniques can turn your bathroom into a relaxing and rejuvenating oasis.
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For most of us, the bathroom is where we begin and end the day—it’s a space where we slowly awaken our bodies each morning and reset them each night. It’s often a place to escape, too: it provides an intermission from modern distractions, even if brief, and an intimate moment to reconnect with simpler elements, such as water and heat. A spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom can enhance these daily rituals while promoting health, wellness, and relaxation.

Creating a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom begins with key design features, including natural lighting, soothing color tones, and organic materials.   

"First and foremost, you should consider how you want the space to function," says Amy Hill, interior designer and manager at GROHE. An important first step to creating a spa-like environment is to make the space feel as open and airy as possible by removing walls or considering the arrangement of windows for natural lighting. Other spa-like additions include the placement of a soaking tub or large steam shower, depending on the size of your space. "Once you have decided on the perfect layout, you can move on to finishes," she adds. 

"Do you enjoy a long soak to relax after the day? In that case, it could make sense to integrate a beautiful free-standing tub with floor mounted tub filler as an important feature in the bath," advises Amy Hill, interior designer and manager at GROHE. 

The bathing experience is a particularly important component, especially when designing a personalized space to promote optimal relaxation. On this topic, Hill believes flexible technologies can also help: "Perhaps you enjoy a soothing shower but have a partner who prefers a stronger, concentrated spray. In that case, you could incorporate a shower head with multiple functions, along with a modern valve that allows for precise control over water condition and volume."

GROHE SmartControl provides a single trim for the control of up to three water functions—such as a rain shower, jet shower, and hand sprayer.

One such solution is the GROHE SmartControl system, which consolidates multiple controls into a sleek design and eliminates the cluttered look of different valves or diverters. User-friendly features allow for easy control over different water flows, while advanced thermostatic technology achieves the desired set temperature within a fraction of a second. "The real key to creating a spa-like feeling is the ability to have a perfect showering experience everyday," comments Hill.

"The beauty of the SmartControl is its simplicity. I love how the design fits everything you need into one place. Once you select your ideal temperature with the thermostat dial, it takes just a quick push of a button to begin and a turn to adjust the volume—that’s it." 

Available in round or square designs, the trim can be adapted to fit your needs, offering one, two, or three valve controls and swappable icons for each button. Finish options for square designs include classic chrome and subtly elegant moon white. Round designs come in hard graphite, brushed cool sunrise, polished & brushed nickel, moon white, and classic chrome.

Beyond the tub and shower, other design features such as large mirrors, floating vanities or toilets, and the incorporation of natural elements, can further enhance your at-home spa experience. "I also like to work with a monochromatic color pallets to create visual harmony in the space and between the different elements," says Hill.

Depending on your aesthetic goals, muted minimalist shades or a blend of earth-colored tones can create a soothing palette. An overall focus on clean lines and simple decoration can also help create a calming ambiance.  

Hill provides a few tips for the final touches: "If you are concerned about privacy, window films are a great way to obscure the view while still letting light in. Also, accessories that incorporate stones, woods, and plants can work in tandem to create a serene space." 

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