Design Junkie

"I guess from a young age I collected things that interested me—picked up bizarre things from the street, put them in boxes, or took them to my room."

Stuart Haygarth first made waves as a designer—–and gained a reputation as something of a pickup artist, too—–in 2005 when he unveiled a quartet of over-the-top chandeliers at Designers-block London, an annual three-day design event. Cruising beaches, discount bins, and flea markets, he assiduously collects, categorizes, and arranges the unremarkable remainders of mass consumption into creations greater than the sum of their individually insignificant parts. Haygarth’s highly personal Tide chandelier—–a five-foot-diameter, candy-colored explosion of individually hung found objects—–attracted widespread attention upon its debut and serves as an apt introduction to the uniquely painstaking process that shapes his work.

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