A DIY Cabin Brand Is Selling $99 A-Frame Plans

The appropriately named company, Den, gives you everything you need—from detailed drawings to code guidelines—to get started on your new hideaway.

One of the first steps in any architectural cabin project, DIY or professional, is sketching out the plan. Some people excel at visualizing a space and translating it to paper—those people become designers. Others learn best by jumping into a project and picking up knowledge and skills along the way. For the rest of us who want just a little direction and convenience, there's Den.

Den, a collection of affordable, ready-to-market cabin plans makes tiny home building accessible. Whether you are a DIYer or looking to hire a builder, the company offers printable blueprints that cost anywhere from $99 to $495 for contemporary cabins that range in size from 144 square feet up to 1,000 square feet. 

Den's A-frame Bunk Cabin is designed for pint-sized living with 168 square feet of space.

"We priced our plans such that they can act as a research tool for a prospective builder, better informing their process with an understanding of the scope and detail of the project," says Den co-founder Lizzie Kardon, who launched the company with her husband, Mike Romanowicz. "Even if they don’t build the plan, we hope that they’ve learned something about design, architecture, and building simply by engaging with the them."

The Bunk Cabin's design includes floor-to-ceiling windows to bring the outdoors in.

Currently the Hudson Valley-based company offers three types of A-frames and two sleek tiny cabins that have floor-to-ceiling windows, set-up for wood or gas stove, along with the option for a full kitchen or kitchenette. 

In the Bunk Cabin's lofted area sleeps two.

"Den attracts a style-conscious customer who has an appreciation for architecture, design, and aesthetics," says Kardon, who handles Den's marketing and community growth. "On one side of the spectrum, we get customers who are true DIY heroes and are excited to build the plans and learn through the joy of making something on their own. On another side, we see customers who buy the plans as a way to avoid higher costs associated with hiring an architect to design their project completely custom from the ground up." 

The entire front facade of the Bunk Cabin is encased in glass to maximize views.

In the hospitality and real estate development realm, Den’s cabin plans can be used for small- or large-scale hospitality or residential subdivisions. 

Den’s plans include: Printable PDFs, readiness for permitting, a full materials list, recommended windows and doors, structural materials, International Residential Code guidelines, construction notes, and detailed drawings. And the construction drawings include: Foundation and framing, floor and roof plan, building sections, exterior elevations, electrical information, and a list of recommended cabinetry, fixtures, and appliances.

The Bunk Cabin's kitchenette is designed for 24-inch cabinets.

A ladder leads from the open first floor to the lofted sleeping area in Den's Bunk Cabin.

Fusing "Japanese craftsmanship, sleek Scandinavian aesthetics, and the warmth of California modern design," the cabins were originally created under the brand Walden, which expanded and rebranded to Den and its catalog of cabin plans earlier this month. 

Den's A-frame house is designed with 1,000 square feet of living space.

The open-concept living space includes a small kitchen, living area and dining area.

After feeling the call of the wild and building a cabin in the Catskills in 2018, Romanowicz and Kardon decided to make their foray into the world of cabin-building. Inspired by the process of building their cabin and living secluded in nature, they wanted to make their experience accessible to others. 

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The A-frame house plans include set-up for a wood or gas stove.

The sleek, wood-clad downstairs bedroom includes built-in bunk beds.

The cost estimate for building one of the cabins ranges from $22,000 to $153,000, which includes materials and labor. The duo recommends spending at least $153 per square foot, which is the national average.  

Upstairs in the loft, an open and airy space can sleep more.

Den's A-frame house plans also include a laundry closet and full bathroom.


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