Create Your Personal Oasis With U by Moen Shower

Create Your Personal Oasis With U by Moen Shower

By Jenny Xie
Presented by Moen
A new cloud-based, smart shower system by Moen allows you to customize, save, and remotely control your showers for the perfect, personalized experience—every time.

At some point, everybody’s done the shower shuffle. Whether you’re running your hand under the faucet or stepping fully into the stream, it takes some trial and error to get the water temperature just right—and until now, there hasn’t been a much better option. Here to change that is U by Moen shower. The next-generation, Wi-Fi-connected showering system by the innovators at Moen allows users to create up to 12 personalized presets that eliminate the shock of scalding or frigid water. "From a value perspective, we heard a lot of consumers say, ‘I want to have the shower I want, every time,’" says Moen senior product manager Michael Poloha. The U by Moen shower is the result of three years’ worth of researching consumer needs and refining prototypes to create a highly evolved, smart shower that can turn your daily routine into an indulgent experience. 

The shower valve allows temperatures between 60 and 120 degrees to ensure the user's safety. The screen changes on a gradient from light blue, dark blue, purple, orange, and red to reflect whether the water is heating up or cooling down, and when the correct temperature is reached, the background turns white. An on-screen notification and tone signals the user that the shower is ready. Users can adjust and save their settings directly on the controller using the preset buttons.

With the U by Moen smartphone app, users can customize up to 12 presets, including name, greeting, outlets, temperature, shower timer, and notifications. Each product has an encrypted key to keep the connection secure, and the Wi-Fi-connected system prevents the showers from being tampered with when the user isn't at home. 

The U by Moen shower comes with a digital valve that allows precise temperature control, and users can choose to connect either two outlets (for a standard showerhead and hand shower) or four outlets (for a more immersive spa experience). Thanks to saved presets, the system heats the water to the exact desired degree and notifies you through the connected app when the shower is ready. The mobile interface gives you unprecedented control over the experience by allowing you to start the shower remotely—for those who want to linger in bed for a few extra minutes, it’s an essential feature. The smart system helps conserve water as well. As Poloha points out, "Most people do something else while they wait for the water to heat up: they turn the shower on, brush their teeth, or wake the kids. The U by Moen shower pauses the water when it’s ready, and waits for you to get in." 

You can remotely turn on the shower and set it to automatically pause after heating up, adjust the temperature, or turn the outlets on and off—all from your phone.

The Wi-Fi connected system allows Moen to push feature updates that will continually better your shower experience.

From a design perspective, the team put thought and care into creating a physical controller that would complement a wide range of personal styles and be intuitive to use. "The physical design is a separation that leans visually and conceptually away from ‘water faucet’ hardware, toward a tech-based control panel," explains Steven Ward, director of global design at Moen. Taking cues from high-end audio electronics and automotive controls, the minimalistic panel features a full-color LCD screen with large, readable font and distinct buttons that are easy to navigate. The finish is Terra Beige, a neutral hue that shifts to match its environment. "We call it a ‘chameleon color’ because it seems darker in darker settings and lighter in lighter settings, " says Poloha.

"The color Terra Beige is designed to coordinate with everything and perfectly match nothing," says Poloha. "We wanted something that would become the focal point of the shower."

The U by Moen shower, which debuted at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas early this year and was later showcased at KBIS, has been welcomed by both the tech world and the kitchen and bath scene. For Moen, it’s the first foray into smart home technology. "Moen is always pursuing thoughtfully designed products, so we’re not throwing technology onto anything for the sake of it—it has to actually enhance the consumer experience," says Poloha. In the case of the U by Moen shower, the comfort and ease of stepping into a personal, at-home oasis certainly elevates the ordinary.


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