Contempo Luggage by Biaggi

Contempo Luggage by Biaggi

By Kelsey Keith
The more you travel, the more you notice a bag that tips over when you lug it onto the curb, won't fit in an overhead bin, adds unneccessary weight, and slowly but surely contributes to jetset-induced fatigue. Now consider this addition to the luggage department: the soft-sided Contempo roller bag collection from Biaggi.

A few specific attributes set this bag apart from its peers: One, it folds almost flat when not in use. (Ideal for city dwellers.) Two, it's super lightweight at just 7.3 pounds. Three, it has four wheels on the bottom instead of two, making navigation a breeze. (No awkward tipping.) And four, it's affordable. ($219 retail for the 20-inch carry-on size, on up to $299 for a 30-incher.) 

Biaggi's custom diamond weave nylon, as seen in the Volo collection, is slightly sturdier (and expensive) than its Contempo counterparts.

An added bonus? It comes in four mod colorways, in addition to neutral black and brown.

Shown here is the 20" carry-on size from Biaggi's Contempo collection.


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