This Mountain Retreat in Washington Has a Modern Steel Loggia

Overlooking the Methow Valley and North Cascades, this indoor/outdoor home has a dramatic roof overhang that forms a steel-and-glulam loggia.

Prentiss + Balance + Wickline Architects nestled one side of this long, rectangular cabin into the base of Flagg Mountain in Mazama, Washington, then used copious glass on two levels to connect to the site’s sweeping views. On the southern side, the deep roof overhang is braced by an exposed steel-and-glulam beam framework, which fashions a modern loggia meant for easy outdoor lounging and get togethers.

The steel-and-glulam support system forms the covered corridor of the loggia.

The 1,700-square-foot home needed to act as a comfortable retreat for two, while also handling larger groups for entertaining. The architects responded by keeping the ground floor’s kitchen, dining room, and living room open to each other, then letting everything flow out to the almost 900 square feet of covered outdoor space.

Two sets of double doors merge the interior with the covered exterior.  

The staircase’s open treads and slim, cable railing avoid blocking sight lines outside. A modest material palette, including a concrete floor, wood cabinetry, and charcoal laminate counters, cedes to the views.

In the summer, the deep roof overhangs shade the two upstairs bedrooms, while also letting in enough sunlight to penetrate the interior in the winter.

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An upstairs reading nook behind sliding doors offers quiet and solitude in the open plan.

Bright orange paint trims glass doors set in the corrugated metal siding, providing a cheerful contrast.

The design plan created both public and private outdoor spaces. There’s the fire pit, lounging area, and dining table accessible to the ground floor. A second-floor rear deck is propped up on the graded slope to host a secluded spot for a hot tub.

Warm light emitted through the expansive windows lets the home glow warmly against the mountain and forested setting.


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