Minimalism and Warmth Harmonize in This Boxy Home Near Puerto Vallarta

Designed with a muted color palette, Casa Verónica effortlessly adds an earthy touch to its coastal neighborhood.

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Project Details:

Location: Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico

Architect: REA Studio

Footprint: 2,396 square feet

From the Architect: "Keeping in mind the financial needs of our clients, the developers, we began to implement strategies concerning the local and international markets, given the home’s location in one of the most attractive areas in Mexico for real estate investment in recent years.

"The result is a quiet façade that only shows you little of what is going on inside: construction techniques dominated by local labor, a social area without programmatic boundaries adapting to the needs of the people who live there, and the constant promotion of coexistence among inhabitants. Casa Verónica is an embodiment of warmth, intimacy, and coexistence, a timeless structure that seeks to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor."


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