A Swooping Concrete Canopy Crowns a Pavilion-Style Home Near Buenos Aires

Interiors transition seamlessly to covered outdoor spaces, courtyards, and gardens in this radically open residence outside the city.

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Architect: Estudio Fernandez Renati / @estudiofernandezrenati

Builder: Estudio Fernandez Renati / @estudiofernandezrenati

Engineer: Claudio Iannece

Landscape Designer: Cecilia Grant / @cecigrantpaisajista

Interior Designer: Estudio Fernandez Renati / @estudiofernandezrenati

Photographer: Javier Agustín Rojas / @javieragustinrojas

From the Architect: "Casa Rita is the second in a series of houses by Estudio Fernandez Renati. It’s located on a 2,500-meter site on the outskirts of Buenos Aires with many mature trees that were retained during construction. The house was located at the bottom of the site, to receive sun throughout the day. An internal patio surrounded by ramps connect covered spaces with semi-covered ones, generating a fluid transition throughout the house. We decided to invert the conventional layout of a residence by locating the private program on the ground floor and the social program on the upper floor. Each room is a private, calm, and sealed space, which gives the sensation of being in a forest. The living room is raised to the height of the treetops, which allows for cross ventilation and natural light throughout the day to filter from this space throughout the entire home.Also on the upper floor, there is a study with independent access and a guest bedroom.The construction is stripped and lacks pretentious materials. Rather, the impression of luxury comes from the nature that surrounds the house and natural materials, including concrete, brick, and wood."


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