An Amazing Home in Brooklyn Made Out of 21 Shipping Containers

Sited on a typical 25-by-100-foot corner lot in Brooklyn, this 5,000-square-foot residence was built with 21 stacked shipping containers cut diagonally along the top and bottom to create a step-like structure with four tiered levels and a small pool between the two lower levels.

Designed by LOT-EK, the construction process optimized the use of shipping containers by recombining all the leftovers from creating the diagonal cut. 

The result is a monolithic, secluded, and private space that sits proud within the neighborhood’s urban fabric. 

Its tiered design creates a series of four commodious outdoor terraces that cascade down the rear of the house. 

Large sliding glass walls can be opened to connect these terraces to the interior spaces. 

The diagonal cut of the containers maximizes the built-in floor area and hides the rear terraces from the curious eyes of pedestrians passing by—both valuable elements considering its corner location. 

On the ground level at the front of the house, the diagonal cut creates an entrance to a subterranean cellar and garage that's accessible through a street-level ramp. 

In the area above the ramp is a media room with a projector screen and bleacher seating. The living room and dining area are both located on the floor above the media room. 

Above the main living areas are secluded bedrooms and an open play area for the children. The top-most level holds the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, dressing area, and powder room. 

On one side of the house, razor-thin strips of glazing draw light into the interiors while still maintaining sufficient privacy. 

Project Credits:

Architect: LOT-EK

Architect of record: Kraft Studio

Builder/general contractor and cabinetry: Taocon, Inc. 

Structural engineering: Silman

Civil engineering: Carlin-Simpson & Associates

Sound engineering: Resolution Audio Video

Container supply and modifications: TRS Containers 

Photography: Danny Bright


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