Calling All Renovation Fanatics! 10 Garage Makeovers That Will Grab Your Attention

Calling All Renovation Fanatics! 10 Garage Makeovers That Will Grab Your Attention

By Annie Fleming
Want to build an extra bedroom for houseguests? A home office? An art studio? A new home? There are so many exciting things you can do with an empty garage. We love creating living spaces from unique spaces - the garage being one of them.

No car, no problem. Open up the doors of these renovated spaces below and see what fellow design enthusiasts have created from their empty garages.

Light cascades into the living room through a row of six insulated timber windows on the south wall. The north wall flares out to create what Schaer calls a sunset scoop. "It grabs the late afternoon and evening sun and brings it deep into the space," he explains.

Long, unobstructed corridors along the spine of the house provide ample cross-ventilation during warmer months—as well as sightlines that unite different areas of the home’s narrow, linear footprint. "When you’re in the back of the building, you can literally see the front door of the person across the street," says architect and resident Philippe Baumann. Thick industrial glass lines the footing of the stairwell with subtle transparency, allowing light to also traverse the space vertically.

The view from the kitchen looks across the courtyard into the playroom. The Stones stools are by Maya Lin for Knoll; the kid-friendly Teflon-coated Cybele fabric curtain is by Jack Lenor Larsen.

Designed by Jagoda, the door swings open to fit in front of a bookshelf.

The ceiling features pin lights that effortlessly blend within the folded surfaces to make the studio feel as spacious as possible.

When you first approach the loft, you can choose to enter through a simple door, or through the garage door that slides back completely. This reveals the main workshop floor that has its own bathroom and painted concrete floors.

Awkwardly shaped and saddled with a run-down garage, the backyard posed a challenge. Since the city wouldn’t allow for the removal of the garage, Wendi and Lukas decided to convert it into additional living space.

Pendant lamps by Moooi are suspended from the double-height ceiling.

To reference the original structure and to offer privacy, Grizzle left two of the shingled walls standing. The building, accessed by a cedar deck, opens to its surroundings via a sliding glass wall by Fleetwood and a bifold steel-and-glass garage door from Wilson Doors.

Original elements such as the curved glass windows, added in the 1930s, remain, as does the original parquet floor.


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