Blue Monday: Duravit Showroom Opens in NYC

By Jordan Kushins / Published by Dwell
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German-based brand Duravit brings bathroom furnishings to their first American showroom, opening today in New York. Madison Avenue may be miles from the Black Forest, but these elegant fixtures fit right into the city.

The space, designed by Stuttgart–based architects Schmutz & Partner, is a tribute to the tranquility of a bathroom setting that's meant to calm as much as cater to general necessities. Blue walls and accents provide the backdrop for "D-cubes," small arrangements of furnishings backed by larger back-lit image scrims, while individual product lines are shown in succession to demonstrate the diversity of size and shape.

Along with Happy D, Scola, and classic Philippe Starck–designed pieces, I got a peek of the newest addition to the Duravit collection, Herbert Schultes’ mirrorwall. It’s an impressive vanity that incorporates light, hidden storage, and a "monoblock" ceramic washbasin into an architectural statement that reflects the room while keeping clutter out of sight.

Franz Kook, Duravit’s management board chairman, said at a press opening last week that the company celebrates outstanding bathroom design "from jeans to dinner jacket." This approach allows the company to cover the spectrum of bathroom interiors. "We aim to meet the highest demands in every price segment when it comes to sanitary-ware design and innovation, as well as provide comfort for every phase of life, be it single people, young families, or the 50+ generation."

Bathed in soothing shades of blue and bright, clear lighting, the showroom makes for an inviting space to imagine the bathroom of your dreams.

Jordan Kushins


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