Textile Darling Hopie Stockman Dishes on Her At-Home Entertaining Essentials

The cofounder of textile studio Block Shop shares a few of her favorites to help you become the host with the most.
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As cofounder of Block Shop in Los Angeles with her sister, Lily, Hopie Stockman knows a thing or two about bold, beautiful design. Her studio employs a multigenerational team of artists and craftspeople that celebrate the heritage and history of handmade textiles. Everything at Block Shop is drawn and designed in-house before being produced in small, family-owned workshops and studios in India, Italy, and the U.S. From apparel to décor, curiosities and printing kits, the company’s lovingly made merchandise has earned a cult following. Here, Stockman shares a few of her go-tos for simple, stylish entertaining.

Hopie Stockman is the cofounder of Los Angeles–based Block Shop with her sister, Lily.

Hopie Stockman is the cofounder of Los Angeles–based Block Shop with her sister, Lily.

"One of the great joys of living in Los Angeles is the abundance of overgrown flora, which makes a quick, loose table arrangement a possibility even if you don’t have a garden. Plant Material, my favorite L.A. nursery, turned me onto ARS garden snips from Japan. They’re lightweight, sharp as heck, and the best present for the green thumb in your life."

ARS SE45 Floral Shears
A great all-around tool for your harvest apron or tool belt. A standard model used throughout the flower industry.

"This serving platter from L.A. artist and ceramicist Michelle Blade’s company, Good Kind Work, is so charming and whimsical it makes even the dullest of roasted veggies look dynamite on the table. And, it’s food and dishwasher safe."

Good Kind Work Large Oval Platter
This large oval ceramic platter is made with a speckled satin white glaze over warm brown speckled stoneware. With it's large shape and beautiful detail this platter makes a great center piece for your main course.

"Throughout the pandemic, our friend and DJ Jihaari Terry has been releasing a series of excellent playlists called Black Peace Strategies for the Future of Humankind. This one is my favorite for a chill dinner mood at home. It’s dedicated to Lorna Simpson on the occasion of her 2021 exhibition Everrrything at Hauser & Wirth here in Downtown L.A."

DJ Jihaari Terry.

DJ Jihaari Terry.

"The treasures just keep on coming from the orchard and gardens of Flamingo Estate right here in the hills of Northeast L.A. Their Heirloom Tomato candle truly does smell like the leaves of a garden tomato plant at the height of summer. Now my mom is hooked on all things Flamingo Estate. His soaps are also heaven-scent (sorry, had to!)"

Flamingo Estate Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle
We worship the tomato. Ripe, supple and bursting with juice, the scent of the heirloom tomato catapults us to memories of late summer dinner parties in Sicilian gardens and awakens pleasure in all our uncommon senses.

"This giant toleware strawberry candle holder is truly what the heart wants. These chic strawbabies plus Hawkins New York taper candles in every color bring me immense joy. Irresistible!"

Host Toleware Candle Holder, Strawberry Large
A hand-made metal toleware candlestick sure to add a talking point to tablescapes and mantels alike.

"Our friend said three things should always come with ruffles: pillows, roses, and potato chips. Block Shop is doing its part in collaboration with In Casa by Paboy. Think rococo frills meets maximal ’80s interiors. Each pillow is hand-stitched by Paboy—a Gambian designer and refugee seeking asylum in Italy—from Italian cotton found in local markets combined with our sumptuous linen block prints. These heavenly ruffled pillows are a genuine conversation starter."

Block Shop Salmon Pillow - Fawn Fringe
This pillow is 100% elegance in subtle, warm tones. Our matches-with-everything salmon fabric is complemented by a gorgeous fawn fringe paired and hand sewn by Paboy. A pair of these pillows and your neutral bedding is just what the doc ordered to brighten your bedchamber through the dark months.

"This insanely adorable apron is the bright, beautiful brain meld between two women-run brands I love, Diaspora Co. and the Delhi-based Norblack Norwhite. It makes me happy as soon as I put it on."

Diaspora Co. Cassata Cream Apron
With lovely stripes in our signature orange, yellow, and pink, think of this apron as a way to finally wear Diaspora Co. in a way that's reminiscent of the yummy, layered cassata ice creams of our childhoods.

"Hands down the best bottle opener is designed by our wonderful friend, the lighting designer Brendan Ravenhill. The prototype was a single bent nail on a broken Maine mooring cleat back in Brendan’s commercial lobsterman days. Comes in a million colors, and a nifty magnet keeps the bottle cap from flying across the room."

Areaware Bent-Nail Bottle Opener
This is the original bent-nail bottle opener designed by Brendan Ravenhill. A single bent nail embedded in an ergonomic wooden handle functions as a lever to pry open your beverage. Magnets are inlaid on both sides.

"I’m always trying to get my mitts on a bottle of this truly delicious, unfiltered, wild orange wine from Sicily that I learned about from someone with a dual-zone wine cooler. Such a treat."

Alessandro Viola Note di Bianco 2020
Note di Bianco by Sicilian wine master Alessandro Viola, is a natural white wine made from 100% Grillo grapes, indigenous to Sicily, farmed organically under the appellation Terre Siciliane IGT.

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