Top 6 Online Sources to Buy Budget-Friendly Artwork

Top 6 Online Sources to Buy Budget-Friendly Artwork

By Michele Koh Morollo
There's no faster way to make a space come alive than by displaying alluring pieces of art. Here are six of our favorite sites that won't break the bank.

Owning art isn’t something that’s reserved for the wealthy. If you're an art lover on a tight budget, don't worry. Thanks to the sites below, you can easily jazz up your walls without depleting your wallet. No matter what type of art you're looking for, we've got a hunch you'll find it in no time.

1. Minted

Los Angeles Map foil art print by Alex Elko Design 

Featuring a community of independent artists around the world, Minted sells everything from prints of paintings to typography and foil art. The company also offers 15 different frames, including handcrafted wood and metal, as well as a variety of mounting options. Prices for a framed piece start from at just $31. 

The brand also features convenient photo-art styling services. Simply text a photo of your wall to a Minted stylist and a representative will happily assist choosing the perfect art for your space. 

2. 20x200 

Mississippi Meander, a Vintage Edition 

With a motto that states "art for everyone," you can rest assured that New York–based 20x200 sincerely believes everyone can and should collect art. 

Founded in 2007, the company has collaborated with modern artists to create exclusive limited-edition pieces, and has also partnered with art institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Library of Congress for its Vintage Editions collection. Each piece is well researched and you'll receive documentation about the work with every print you buy. 

3. Rise Art

Kaleidoscopic Distortion by Robert Dunt

The curators behind Rise Art not only scours the globe for great art and extraordinary talents, but they also support both famous artists, as well as rising stars in a variety of genres and mediums. 

The site has a wide range of artwork to suit any budget, and the brand even offers an art rental service. For a monthly fee, you can borrow any piece online, and test it in your space to see if it's what you had in mind before you commit to purchasing.

4. Eventide Collective

Big Sur by Meaghan Curry 

Founded by Washington–based photographer Meaghan Curry in 2016, Eventide Collective specializes in fine-art photographic prints. Presenting a diverse range of original photography artwork, this site is a particularly good choice if you’re looking for cheerful, moody, or poetic prints that celebrate nature. 

5. Uncoverly by Etsy 

 So Much by Clare Elsaesser 

Etsy is well known as a marketplace for arts and crafts, but with so many items available, hunting down that standout gem can be tough. 

A curated collection of some of the brand's best finds available, Uncoverly is an excellent place to discover intriguing work. Though the site doesn’t focus solely on wall art—their items include furniture and decorative homeware, too—they always have a delightful selection of framed pieces from artists and print shops. 

6. Saatchi Art

 Hommage à Rembrandt VI Drawing by Ute Rathmann 

Whether you’re seeking prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, or photography, Saatchi Art has them all. The easy-to-navigate site allows you to search for the style (fine art, pop art, abstract, figurative etc.), the subject of your choice (body, architecture, landscape etc.) and the medium (for example, clay, charcoal, or oil) that you want. 

The brand sells original works by more than 60,000 global artists, and they offer global shipping, as well as a free-of-charge art advisory service. 


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