So You Think You Can Grill? 26 Tools You Need in Your Arsenal

So You Think You Can Grill? 26 Tools You Need in Your Arsenal

By Samantha Ramirez
Don’t call yourself a grill master until you’ve leveled up with these accessories.

Sure, you could fire up the grill without the following items, but if you want perfectly charred burgers and expertly seasoned vegetables—all while looking like a pro—then you might want to step up your game. From a light-up spatula to the most handsome apron we’ve ever laid eyes on, take a look at our favorite grilling accessories below.

Golden Fig Lavender Peppercorns
From the Minnesota-based Golden Fig, these lavender peppercorns are best coarsley ground and sprinkled on steak or fantastic mixed with olive oil and tossed with beets and carrots before roasting.
W&P Spice Grinder
When it comes to cooking with spices, the most aromatic and flavorful approach is to grind a small amount of whole spices just before cooking.  W&P's handheld porcelain grinder is a stylish, tactile alternative to electric grinders, allowing you to carefully control the fineness of your...
Meater Wireless Meat Thermometer
The world's first 100% wireless meat thermometer.  Imagine it: summertime cookout, you're scooping heaping piles of guac onto tortilla chips and sipping a cold one, sinking nothin'-but-grass shots in cornhole — all while your tri-tip roast grills to perfection with a little help from Meater.
Esschert Design BBQ Tool Set
Made for the grill-master, this four-piece set of wooden barbecue tools—tongs, spatula, fork and basting brush—comes in a durable canvas carrying bag, which easily snaps shut and packs up for travel, weekenders, camping, you name it. Set includes: Tongs, fork, spatula, basting brush and carrying...
Marshall's Haute Sauce Hot Sauce & Spice Rub Gift Set
This complete gift set delivers the finest small-batch hot sauces and spice rubs straight to your door.
Areaware Star Spangled Spatula
The Star Spangled Spatula is handcrafted by one of the oldest cutlery manufacturers in the United States, using energy harvested from Deerfield River in Massachusetts.   The spatula's flag motif pays homage to America's love affair with outdoor grilling.  Made from solid walnut and...
Helle Company Folding Knife
A lifetime companion for outdoor adventures, this all-purpose folding knife is the first ever produced by Helle. Its triple-laminated stainless steel blade retains sharpness and prevents rust, while a beautiful, curly birch handle features integrated steel liners.
Josephine's Feast Bourbon Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce
Capturing a true American classic flavor, this bourbon and honey barbecue sauce is crafted from a delicious blend of sun ripened tomatoes, small batch bourbon, honey, and dijon mustard.
Grillight Giant Spatula
Shine on, you crazy griller.  Outdoor grilling may be a daytime pursuit, but let’s be real—the party rarely stops with sundown.
Skagerak Cast-Iron Fire Bowl
The Olympic Firebowl is a portable fireplace for your patio or yard that is guaranteed to spread warmth and cheer. Inspired by Danish Coastal life, the firebowl is meant to serve as the focal gathering point for your patio or ocean parties.
Imeea Double-Pronged Grilling Skewers
These Kebab skewers are like no other, and will perfectly cook and sear your favorite vegetables and meat, and make you look like the all-time grillmaster. Made from stainless steel to prevent rusting, and outfitted with an elegant wood handle.
JK Adams Reversible Carving Board
See you on the flip.  There are a lot of good carving boards out there, but there’s one the pros come back to again and again. We love its versatility: On one side, you’ve got a nice, flat surface for carving up your weekend roasts.
Josephine's Feast Curry Spice Rub
The Bridgehampton curry spice rub is designed to create a sweet curry flavor for grilled corn on the cob and other vegetables. Butter corn and rub with a scant 1/4 teaspoon of spice mix .  Can also be used on vegetables, poultry, and seafood.
Recycled Glass Oil Dispenser
With a brushed-gold, weighted dispenser tip that opens on its own, this recycled glass vessel is a perfect stove-side addition.  Photo Courtesy of Terrain...
The Companion Group Fire Up! Charcoal Starter Wand
We didn’t start the fire…but you can.  You know the grill routine: Dump in charcoal. Pour in your lighter fluid. Toss in a match and shield your eyes. Okay, now scratch steps 2 and 3, because lighter fluid is pretty dangerous and super toxic.
ILĀ Black Lava Salt
Black Lava Salt from ILĀ.
If You Care Non-GMO Vegetable Oil Firelighters, Set of 4
Get the flames going. Whether you’re firing up the grill for a summer cookout, or cozying up by the fireplace in the dead of winter, chances are you’re going to need some kind of fire starter.  Wherever you’re lighting up, go green and opt for a carbon-neutral fire lighter like this one.
Himalayan Chef Natural Himalayan Salt Grilling Slab
Himalayan Chef’s Himalayan salt blocks come from a large salt deposit discovered in Pakistan. Himalayan Pink salt blocks vary in color from clear to light pink to dark red.
Signed Copy: Food52 Any Night Grilling
Become a charcoal champion. Grilling strikes a note of fear in the hearts of many a cook. And we want to change that.
Smithey Cast Iron Skillet
This fry pan sports the single smoothest cooking surface we’ve ever seen on a piece of modern cast iron cookware, thanks to a special polishing process that makes it just the ticket for no-stick fried eggs, seared fish, and skillet cornbread. (The super smooth surface makes it a dream to clean, too.
BioLite Smokeless Fire Pit
Technologically advanced and fully portable, the FirePit is a fully featured grill and firepit in one sleek package Less smoke, more fire, adjustable intensity, cooking capability with two different fuel sources, portable, charges phones in a pinch — look, the list goes on and on. The bottom line,...
Wellhouse Natural Basting Brush
This classic basting brush is great for brushing eggwash on your favorite pastry or slathering your grilling favorite with the perfect sauce and marinade. The Wellhouse Natural basting brush is made from all natural beechwood and natural pig bristle for durability.
Match Berti I Forgiati Carving & Serving Set With Ox Horn Handles
Strong as an ox.  The gorgeous rounded horn handles on this carving knife and two-tined fork duo give off that Old-World air.
The Companion Group Grilling Grids (Set of 2)
Pop these handy grids on the grill for an instant cooking surface perfect for cooking smaller cuts of meat and delicate fish.

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