So You Think You Can Grill? 25 Tools You Need in Your Arsenal

So You Think You Can Grill? 25 Tools You Need in Your Arsenal

Don’t call yourself a grill master until you’ve leveled up with these accessories.

Sure, you could fire up the grill without the following items, but if you want perfectly charred burgers and expertly seasoned vegetables—all while looking like a pro—then you might want to step up your game. From a light-up spatula to the most handsome apron we’ve ever laid eyes on, take a look at our favorite grilling accessories below.

Feast From the Fire: 65 Summer Recipes to Cook and Share Outdoors
What better way to celebrate summer than to enjoy the very best food cooked over the fire whether at the beach, camping, or in your own back yard.
Meater Wireless Meat Thermometer
The first wireless smart meat thermometer, Meater connects to your phone and conveniently gives you notifications as your meat cooks (anything from a whole chicken to a pork loin to a tri-tip), letting you know what you need to do at every step of the way, taking a little bit of the pressure off of...
Dreamfarm BBQ Tool Collection
Look at you, pitmaster. We see your regular, run-of-the-mill BBQ tools, and we’ll raise you this nifty collection.
Philips Smoke-Less Infrared Grill
Grill your favorite foods to perfection year-round with our exclusive Philips Smoke-Less Infrared Grill, which features two interchangeable grilling surfaces, infrared technology and a drip-tray design that result in up to 97% less smoke than conventional indoor electric grills.  The efficient...
Snow Peak Fire Tool Set
Fire maintenance is the key to successful grilling and this Japanese-designed steel-and-bamboo set lets you safely—and oh-so stylishly—tend the coals. The shovel, poker and fire tongs fit snugly in a canvas case for storage or transport.
Chicken and Charcoal: Yakitori, Yardbird, Hong Kong
The first cookbook from cult yakitori restaurant Yardbird in Hong Kong puts the spotlight on chicken—taking grilling to a whole new level.  Chicken is the world's best loved meat, and yakitori is one of the simplest, healthiest ways to cook it. At Yardbird in Hong Kong, Canadian chef Matt...
BioLite FirePit+
Enjoy the warmth, smell, crackle, and feel of a wood campfire, without any of the smoke. Our latest upgrade to the award-winning BioLite FirePit creates hyper-efficient flames with patented airflow technology and gives you a front-row seat to the magic thanks to the X-Ray mesh body.
BioLite FirePit Cook Accessory Set
Expand your FirePit's cooking capabilities with this accessory upgrade. This set brings variety and fun to outdoor meals by giving you the ability to utilize an array of cooking methods over the BioLite FirePit.
The Spice House Barbecue Spice Sets
There's the rub. When grilled meat is on the menu, look to these spice blends. They’re your shortcut to a whole range of knock-your-socks-off flavors (like Jamaican jerk chicken, slow-smoked brisket, or good old-fashioned Kansas City BBQ).
De Buyer Blue Steel Vegetable Grilling Pan, 11"
You'll flip for this pan. You’ll want to cook your vegetables in this pan from now on: Designed to sit over a griddle, plancha, or grill, it’s perforated so you get more direct contact with heat (plus smoky flavor, if you happen to be grilling).
Terrain Leather Apron
Perfect for barbecuing or gardening, this leather apron is durable, practical, and gets more supple and beautiful with age.
Tovolo Prep & Serve Grill Trays, Set of 2
No more mix-ups. You just fired up the coals, and you’re about to sear a couple of steaks...only, how do you keep the raw juices off of the cooked meat? Lucky for you, these grill trays just swooped in. There’s one for prep work and one for serving (the different colors will tell you which is...
Grillight 2-Piece Stainless Steel LED Spatula & Tong Set
This set is perfect for any grilling enthusiast. The spatula flips, stirs or serves, while the tongs make it easy to move food from a plate to the grill. LED flashlights built into each handle light up your food, so it’s easy to monitor it as it cooks.
Kerber's Farm Grilling Seasoning Gift Set
The spice is right. Grilling’s a go with this set of seasonings. There’s four blends here, so you or a lucky someone can spice up meats and veg (garlic thyme, mesquite, lemon pepper, and country steak).
Gefu Digital Radio Roast Thermometer
Roastess with the mostest.  Meet the roast thermometer that takes precision cooking to the next level. Real time updates on the temperature are sent to a handheld screen by radio, which you can preset according to the type of meat and how well-done you want it. And when it reaches the target...
Esschert Design BBQ Tool Set
Made for the grill-master, this four-piece set of wooden barbecue tools—tongs, spatula, fork and basting brush—comes in a durable canvas carrying bag, which easily snaps shut and packs up for travel, weekenders, camping, you name it. Set includes: Tongs, fork, spatula, basting brush and carrying...
Everdure Cube Portable Charcoal Grill
BBQ is a total go. Close your eyes and imagine firing up the coals out on the beach...or snacking on barbecue chicken right on your campsite. Then, open them—and take in this portable charcoal grill. It does all that and more, thanks to its very-smart design.
All-Clad 4-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set
Now we’re grilling. Follow the scent of smoky BBQ, and you’ll be led straight to these all-star grilling tools. The set’s got four utensils for all your burger flipping and veggie charring: a slotted turner, locking tongs, a basting brush, and a two-prong fork.
Smithey Ironware Co. Smithey Cast Iron Cookware Collection
Put the "easy" in over-easy eggs.
Skagerak Cast-Iron Fire Bowl
Made with an efficient conical shape, the Cast-Iron Fire Bowl (1995) collects ash below and elevates the flames off the ground to better dissipate heat.
Imeea Double-Pronged Grilling Skewers
These Kebab skewers are like no other, and will perfectly cook and sear your favorite vegetables and meat, and make you look like the all-time grillmaster. Made from stainless steel to prevent rusting, and outfitted with an elegant wood handle.
JK Adams Reversible Carving Board
See you on the flip.  There are a lot of good carving boards out there, but there’s one the pros come back to again and again. We love its versatility: On one side, you’ve got a nice, flat surface for carving up your weekend roasts.
Terrain Recycled Glass Oil Dispenser
With a brushed-gold, weighted dispenser tip that opens on its own, this recycled glass vessel is a perfect stove-side addition.
If You Care Non-GMO Vegetable Oil Firelighters (Set of 4)
Get the flames going. Whether you’re firing up the grill for a summer cookout, or cozying up by the fireplace in the dead of winter, chances are you’re going to need some kind of fire starter. Wherever you’re lighting up, go green and opt for a carbon-neutral fire lighter like this one.
Food52 Any Night Grilling: Signed Copy
Become a charcoal champion. Grilling strikes a note of fear in the hearts of many a cook. And we want to change that.
Match Berti I Forgiati Carving & Serving Set With Ox Horn Handles
Strong as an ox.  The gorgeous rounded horn handles on this carving knife and two-tined fork duo give off that Old-World air.

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