Best Gifts to Give the Coffee Connoisseur

Best Gifts to Give the Coffee Connoisseur

These days, modern coffee lovers are faced with endless options when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of joe.
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Whether they’re a dedicated coffee buff or simply enjoy a refreshing glass of cold brew on a hot summer day (or any day of the year), we have you covered—from storage and mugs to innovative brewing machines. Below, we’ve gathered our favorite java products that will help you satisfy your cravings for espresso, cold brew, or classic drip coffee.

Hario Original V6 Pour Over Dripper and Stand
Game changer.  Are you ready to bring your pour over coffee game up a notch? Get yourself the full setup, perfectly aligned and professionally vetted: Hario is renowned for its heatproof glass and coffee products, and both options here include a glass dripper, glass server and glass lid.
HMM Cast Iron Coffee Scoop
Striking and uniquely designed kitchen pieces made with care and a close attention to detail.
YIELD Ceramic French Press
Coffee that's pretty and piping hot. From the funky, geometric handle to the winking copper pull, this french press is the cutest we’ve ever come across.
Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle
Overnight success. Designed by the Japanese coffee gurus at Hario, this wine-bottle-shaped carafe is made from durable glass with a tapered silicone top for easy pouring.
Bruer Cold Bruer
Once we tried cold brewed coffee, we didn't look back. But we didn't know how easy it is to make it ourselves at home until now. Using the slow-drip brewing process, this cold brewer reveals the natural sweetness in coffee while producing a less acidic and less bitter cup.
Planetary Design Opaque Airtight Coffee Storage Containers
For your best beans. Coffee beans start to lose their flavor and freshness the second they come out of the roaster, and that process speeds up as soon as they’re exposed to air and light.



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