20 Ultra-Plush Pillows for Every Type of Sleeper

20 Ultra-Plush Pillows for Every Type of Sleeper

Finding the right pillow for your sleeping style can be tough, but we’ve got the top picks that are sure to please.

For the Eco-Conscious

Avocado Green Pillow
Our non-toxic pillow has a customizable GOLS organic certified latex and GOTS organic certified kapok fill. The fill is stuffed within an inner organic jersey cotton liner. The liner lives inside a machine-washable, zippered GOTS organic certified quilted cotton cover.
Buffy Cloud Pillow
Soft yet supportive—a pillow for every sleeper. Pick your firmness! Our standard-sized pillow comes in three fill levels to hug your head just the way you like it. Choose softer if you like some plush give, medium if you want something balanced, or firmer for extra support. Feel good fluff.
Birch Organic Pillow
Organic cotton, wool and natural latex pillow handmade in the USA. The Birch Organic Pillow uses only eco-friendly, natural and organic materials that are sourced ethically and sustainably.

For Side Snoozers

Parachute Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow
Break the wake, flip and fluff cycle of side sleeping on a regular pillow. Our medium-density side sleeper pillow offers unparalleled support and perfect plushness.
Parachute Down Side Sleeper Pillow
Break the wake, flip and fluff cycle of side sleeping on a regular pillow. Our medium-density side sleeper pillow offers unparalleled support and perfect plushness.

For Back Sleepers

Coyuchi Turiya Organic Latex Pillow
Soft, supportive, and extraordinarily comfortable, our shaped Serenity Pillow redefines sleep support. It’s designed for proper spinal alignment, relieving pressure on your head and neck.

For Stomach Slumberers

Belly Sleeper Pillow
Have you ever noticed how stomach sleepers get ignored in the market? We understand, it's not the most popular sleeping position.

For Those Somewhere In Between

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Activated Charcoal Pillow
Mindfully designed for the ultimate night of healing sleep, our Crystal Cove Pillows feature activated charcoal-infused memory foam for a luxury plush feel that is naturally cooling. Because no wool is used, it's completely vegan.

For Those Who Love Down

Casper Down Pillow
Filled with 100% ethically sourced down feathers for natural, luxurious comfort. Advanced design. Adaptable to any sleep position, our 5-chamber structure combines breathability with support.   Responsibly sourced down.
Parachute Down Pillow
Rest your head on supreme plushness. 750 fill power European white down is what gives our pillows the luxurious, supportive-yet-airy quality that makes them so comfortable. Available in three densities: soft, medium and firm – choose what suits your sleep style.
Snowe Down Pillow
Dive head first into sleep better than you ever thought possible with premium French down inside the softest sateen shell. The super-high fill power makes tossing and turning a thing of the past. Typically, side sleepers prefer firm, back sleepers prefer medium, and stomach sleepers prefer soft.

For Those Who’d Prefer a Down Alternative

Parachute Down Alternative Pillow
Rest your head on supreme plushness. Our microfiber fill is perfect for someone who wants a hypoallergenic alternative with the support and loftiness of down. Available in three densities: soft, medium and firm – choose what suits your sleep style.
Casper Original Pillow
You want a pillow that’s soft, but also supportive. Now you don’t have to pick one or the other. An innovative pillow-in-pillow design. The inner pillow is supportive, while the outer pillow adds a soft touch of fluff.  If gusset isn’t a word in your vocabulary, it should be. It’s the backbone...
Allswell Down Alt Pillow
Our down-alternative pillow is every bit as luxe as the finest of feathered options.
Snowe Down Alternative Pillow
Get all the plumpness and fluff of a down pillow... without the down.

For Keeping Cool

Helix Adjustable Pillow
Comfort for all sleeping positions. New Age Adjustable Design Each pillow has a removable support insert layer so you can adjust the height of the pillow and find your most comfortable loft.
Bear Pillow
Stay cool throughout the night with a pillow that provides support for all sleep positions.

For Memory Foam Devotees

Nectar Memory Foam Pillow
We created the Nectar pillow because our patented mattress proved to us that memory foam is a much better material to sleep on than fibers or feathers. One size doesn’t fit all - which is why we designed Nectar so you can easily adjust pillow firmness.

Why Not Spring For Some New Pillowcases While You’re at It?

MINNA Grid Pillowcases
Our Texture Pillowcases are handwoven by a family run workshop in the village of Larrainzar in Chiapas, Mexico and expertly sewn together by a workshop just outside of San Cristobal.
Parachute Linen Pillowcase Set
Rest easy with these soft, natural pillowcases. Available in our signature back envelope closure and a traditional side open style. Choose what makes you happy.
Lunya Washable Silk Pillowcase
Now you can rest even easier on the new Washable Silk Pillowcase. Thoughtfully designed in our beloved Washable Silk fabric, they’re velvety smooth to the touch, while helping you stay cool and get that “cold side of the pillow” feeling all night long.

We love the products we feature and hope you do, too. If you buy something through a link on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission. 

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