Before & After: An Outdated Bathroom Gets a Complete Makeover in Just 6 Weeks
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Before & After: An Outdated Bathroom Gets a Complete Makeover in Just 6 Weeks

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By Michele Koh Morollo
Breanna Bertolini of blog Brepurposed mixes vintage and modern elements in this bright, stylish bathroom renovation as part of the One Room Challenge.

Inspired to renovate after moving into her new home in Youngstown, Ohio, freelance graphic designer Breanna Bertolini—the voice behind the blog Brepurposed—decided to take part in the One Room Challenge and revamp her outdated bathroom

Although she only had six weeks to complete the project, she successfully transformed the room into a virtually unrecognizable space. Scroll ahead to see the fascinating "before" and "after" images.


The original bathroom layout was extremely small and compact, housing a dated feel.

Here is a glimpse at the old vanity.

The original bathroom featured a tiny sink and vanity outside the door, as well as a hallway to connect the space to the master bedroom. To create a more spacious atmosphere, Bertolini closed off the hallway so the area could be converted into one large single room.

A look at the bathroom entrance before the renovation.


Overall, Bertolini explains the most challenging part of the renovation was no doubt being without a bathroom for six weeks. "You don't realize how nice it is to have an en-suite until you can't use it," she says. "The timeframe was also a challenge. We completed this room as part of the One Room Challenge, so that put an extra amount of pressure on us (and our contractor) to get things done quickly."

For a while, Bertolini could not decide between a free-standing or a built-in bathtub, but was sold on the built-in when she came across inspiration photos of wood-paneled tubs. 

 She has always adored mixing old and new furniture, so she knew she wanted to find a vintage dresser to serve as the vanity. "It took some time, but I eventually found the dresser at a local antique store that was the perfect size," she explains. Once she found it, she had a vessel sink and a Delta faucet in champagne bronze incorporated. Another one of Bertolini's favorite vintage pieces is the rug from Swoon Rugs. 

When Bertollini removed the old sink and vanity, she added DIY storage bench seats. Inside each of the bench cubbies are woven baskets that keep miscellaneous items out of view.

Another DIY project was the leaning shelf. "I needed a little extra storage for towels and knick knacks, and this shelf is the perfect functional-yet-stylish solution," she explains. 

For the tub, she used cedar planks from Lowe's and stained them to match the vanity and other wood elements in the room. "We sealed the cedar planks with tung oil, and after a year it's held up wonderfully against water seepage," she states.

Because the toilet was fairly new, she decided to leave it as is.

To learn more about the renovation project, check out all the details here.

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