Create a Bold Backyard Statement With These Large Concrete Pavers

Create a Bold Backyard Statement With These Large Concrete Pavers

Presented by Stepstone, Inc.
Big, bold, and beautiful, Stepstone’s Large Scale CalArc Pavers allow you to sculpt distinct spaces in your backyard while maintaining an overall harmonious design.

Thanks to its unwavering durability, versatility, and sleek, modern look, concrete has long remained one of the most popular hardscaping materials—especially when it comes to designing backyard spaces. If you’re looking to create an elegant backyard oasis to savor this year’s long, warm summer days, consider allowing Large Scale CalArc Pavers from Stepstone, Inc. to help bring your grand vision to life.

Similar to other concrete solutions in Stepstone’s acclaimed product line, the Large Scale CalArc Pavers are offered in multiple colors, styles, and finishes, which can easily be combined depending on your desired look.

 Leading the industry since 1963, the California–based company has been dedicated to providing builders, architects, and homeowners a unique and high-quality selection of products for over 50 years, with the Large Scale CalArc Pavers being one of their best sellers.

Featuring the same handcrafted elegance found across the Stepstone’s vast product line, the Large Scale CalArc Pavers are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes. However, as portrayed in the name, it is the grand scale of these precast pavers that make them even more novel. 

The wide range of sizes can seamlessly work together to create distinct yet harmonious spaces, no matter the setting.

Ranging up to 24x60 inches, Stepstone’s large-scale concrete solutions offer a bold selection of sizes, which can easily be combined in mix-and-match patterns. This level of personalization allows you the ability to customize your backyard area into several distinct spaces, while also sustaining a refined sense of uniformity and sophistication—so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild.

Visit the Stepstone website to learn more about the Large Scale CalArc Pavers, as well as browse the company’s diverse product line. 


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