An Australian Abode Fuses Structure With Scenery

Perched on a coastal site in Australia, this property features cantilevered views of the sparkling sea.

Inspired by the site's spectacular surroundings, architecture firm Atelier Andy Carson has designed a rectilinear modern home overlooking Werri Beach in New South Wales, just 80 miles of Sydney, Australia. Known as Headland House, the 5,231-square-foot property sits on 150 acres, and is enveloped with grazing cows and coastal views. Scroll ahead to take a peek inside and get a glimpse of the awe-inspiring scenery.

Headland House is positioned on the top of a hill on a 150-acre site where a ridge connects the Illawarra slope to the sea. From its elevated position, the residence enjoys sweeping views of Werri Beach and Geering Bay, as well as the grazing dairy cows in the nearby green pastures.

The client, Beau Neilson (daughter of Australian art patrons Judith & Kerr Neilson) and her husband, Jeffrey Simpson, were looking for an elegant and comfortable home that also featured a two-bedroom guest house on the site to accommodate visitors and extended family. 

The funnel-like protrusion cantilevers over the hillside and is supported by angled pillars.

This full-height glazed wall and balcony look out toward dramatic framed views of the sea. 

The home wraps around a courtyard that mixes a material palette of metal, wood, stone, and concrete. 

Here is a look at the courtyard pool.

The living and dining areas open to the central courtyard, allowing easy indoor/outdoor access. 

The property also features a wood-clad garage that sits adjacent to the residence. 

Instead of providing the same view throughout the house, the architects have created thoughtful framed views of the surroundings. 

The minimalist interiors complement the views, rather than detract from them. 

The dining area features views of the sea and also opens to the interior courtyard, giving it a unique sense of access to the nearby nature. 

A look at one of the views from the bedroom. 

Here is another bedroom view. 

A simple soaking tub makes for a zen-like bath experience. 

The home's remote location provides much of its sense of privacy. 

The robust dwelling actively explores the relationship between structure and scenery.  

Project Credits:

Architect’s Firm: Atelier Andy Carson  

Lead Architects:  Andy Carson   

Other participants: Tom Potter, Catherine Bailey‐Smith, Alvin Tsang  

Head Contractor: Bellevarde Constructions  

Structural Engineer: Ken Murtagh   

Landscape Architects: Peter Glass & Associates  

Surveyor: Allen, Price & Scarratts      

Photo credits: Michael Nicholson  


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