A Creative Brick Extension That’s Designed to Adapt With a Growing Family’s Needs

This compact extension at the rear of a suburban house in Melbourne, Australia, includes a ground-level garage on its street-facing side, a studio guest suite on the first floor, and a roof deck—all of which are designed to be versatile and convertible.

What's more, is that on the ground level, the north face of the building is connected to a pool and outdoor terrace that links the extension to the main house.

The owners of this incredible home had wanted a new addition to their backyard, which can serve as an independent home for their teenage daughter when she gets older. They turned to Melbourne-based practice Austin Maynard Architects to get the job done.

The old garage, which also had a studio above it, was too large and encroached on precious outdoor and garden space. To solve this problem, the architects created a new smaller, tighter, taller, and more efficient space that would maximize the rear yard while minimizing its footprint. 

Sited at a street corner, the sturdy red brick structure, which is taller than the existing house, acts as a barrier that provides enhanced privacy for the main building. 

The living zones of the existing house face south and open up onto the new terrace and pool. 

From the terrace and pool, residents look up at the high-rising wall of the brick structure, which is punctuated with bright blue-and-red bricks that jut out to create a unique pattern. 

Constructed out of recycled bricks, these contrasting red-and-blue glazed bricks on the northern, pool-facing wall create an interesting play of light and shadow when the sun shines upon them. 

The solid brick facade is softened by a roof parapet with a U-shaped curve, a sculptural spiral staircase that links the pool to the roof deck, arched doors, and circular windows. 

The brick-faced extension was designed with purpose and living needs in mind. 

The ground level was constructed with high ceilings so that it can be remodeled in the future to accommodate more people. 

The door of the garage can be removed and replaced so that the space can be transformed into an office or shopfront if desired. It could also be adapted into a generous entryway leading into the main living lounge.


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