A Stylish Hostel in a Historic Czech Fortress Starts at $16 a Night

Located in a horseshoe-shaped fortress from the 17th century, the Long Story Short Hostel offers modern accommodations in a historic piece of the Czech Republic.
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The resulting collaboration of a driven businesswoman and world traveler, interior designer Denisa Strmiskova, local craftsmen, and the property owner, the hostel blends history and modernity to create stylish sleeping quarters and communal spaces. Named for the long, continuous layout of the building, as well as the short-term accommodations it provides, the Long Story Short provides 56 beds in both private and shared rooms. Private rooms offer a sumptuous stay with a private bath, while shared dorms follow the original layout of the sleeping quarters. An arched hallway composed of pure, white walls organically links the sleeping quarters to the reception and communal space at the heart of the hostel. 

Private rooms provide lush, comfortable accommodations with arched ceilings and light-filled interiors. 

The deluxe "Big One" is a luxurious escape, complete with a freestanding tub and heated floors.

Private rooms boast an ensuite bath.

The biggest dorm room sleeps 10, with four up top and six below.  The mezzanine sleeping area maintains the cool factor with perforated guards. 

Modern, bent metal stair treads and risers lead to the upper sleeping quarters.

The 4 Dorm is a spacious, apartment-style dorm set up with two beds up top, and two beds below, in addition to a private living area. 

Shared baths, detail oriented to provide modern bath accommodations, are available to guests lodging in dorms. 

Sliding wood barn doors conceal shower rooms. 

The Girls' Choice, a six-bed dorm, is complete with a custom built mezzanine floor. 

The ensuite bathroom of the Girls' Choice dorm iscomplete with all the essentials a traveler may need. 

Informal lounge spaces along the arched corridor provide ample opportunities for interaction between travelers. 

The reception space is the heart of the hostel, providing lounge areas adjacent to the cafe. 

The Cooking Bar Cafe provides beverages, freshly made breads, and other deluxe snacks.

Interior furnishings and spaces are stylishly composed, blending dark accents with pastel colors and pure white walls. Raw materials such as wood, stone, and metal add warmth and texture. Custom furniture and vintage pieces meld contemporary notions with historic character. Sophisticated lighting styled from scenography creates a subdued ambiance of light and shadow. 

Midcentury modern furniture pieces with blue pastel upholstery and warm, wood tones accent the bright white corridors. 

Wooden beams, wood floors, and wood furniture pieces introduce raw elements and textures. 

Wood framing and bent metal stairs create a uniquely formed mezzanine and sleeping area with modern detailing. 

The corridors are distinctly branded.

The cohesive design extends even to the toiletries.

The blend of creative elements forms a novel identity for this contemporary hostel in a historic shell. Soon, the accommodations will grow to include a restaurant and cafe, and an outdoor terrace and kitchen. A modern stamp on the historic town of Olomouc, the Long Story Short is perfect for the modern nomad—and rates start at just $16 per night.


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