A Family's Kiev Apartment Is Filled With Copper, Marble, and a Sophisticated Palette

Using a simple color scheme and dynamic textures, architectural design studio YoDezeen creates a strikingly modern yet warm interior for a young family.
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When interior designer at YoDezeen Anna Tarabanova approached the design of a family's apartment in Kiev, she chose to work with a mix of natural materials and clean lines to achieve striking aesthetic results.   

She was tasked with figuring out how to combine two smaller apartments into one, which turned into an 11-month process that resulted in a 920-square-foot space. In order to merge the two apartments, she employed smart space planning, while relying on natural materials including oak flooring, copper wall panels, and marble in order to create warmth, texture, and a balance between modernity and livability. 

A balanced mix of modern style and textured warmth was achieved through a smartly planned interplay between a monochromatic color palette and copper and brass accents, which add bright moments of natural warmth and color.  

The design team sourced lighting (in the dining room and kitchen) from Henge and sleek cabinetry from Rimadesio.

YoDezeen's team, led by Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev, installed copper wall panels from De Castelli throughout the apartment to add vibrant depth without sacrificing any space. 

Additional creative design solutions, such as the custom moss wall panel shown above, reflect YoDezeen's inspired use of natural materials to add visual interest.

As the apartment is inhabited by a young family, the team worked to make sure the rooms would feel welcoming and comfortable, with special attention paid to creating a tranquil atmosphere in the apartment's two bedrooms and bathrooms. 

The design reflects how a simple plan—in this case employing clean lines, a minimal color scheme, and natural materials—can create a modern aesthetic without sacrificing warmth. 


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