A Close Look at Happy Plugs’ Sound Pieces

A Close Look at Happy Plugs’ Sound Pieces

By piperstremmel / Photos by Amanda Vidmar
Happy Plugs, a Stockholm-based fashion and lifestyle brand, aims to develop tech accessories that can be personalized with a customizable program.

The company’s intention is simple—to create playful and affordable devices that combine style with function. When Happy Plugs launched in 2011, the initial inventory consisted of mobile accessories such as smart phone cases, cables, and headphones. Their playful slogan, "What color are you today?" offered the ability to personalize these products with a range of different color and design choices.

The Happy Plugs sound piece is shown here with the removable "marble" grill. It’s made up of a stretchy material that gives the look of stone, which easily snaps on and off of the front of the speaker. Photo by Amanda Vidmar   

Recently, Happy Plugs unveiled their latest customizable products—minimal and modern wireless Bluetooth speakers that are available in two sizes. The Sound Piece, Happy Plugs’ signature full-size speaker, is at once a music center and design item for the home. The Sound Piece Mini is a compact portable speaker, ideal for out-of-home listening and on-the-go travel. The most compelling design feature of both speakers is that they can be altered to match current styles or surroundings by easily removing and replacing the grills on the front of the speakers. There are currently 15 different removable grills in colors such as red, cobalt, turquoise, and mint—all from the existing Happy Plugs portfolio, as well as updated designs like metallics, marble, leopard, and camouflage. 

In addition to the sleek, Swedish design of the Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini, the devices are simple, smart, and are a great value for wireless speakers, selling for $199 and $99, respectively. Like all Bluetooth speakers, the Sound Piece streams audio wirelessly from nearly any smartphone, tablet, or audio player.

The Sound Piece is available in three different metallic shades including silver, gold, and rose gold (shown here). It measures 15.7 in. wide x 6.3 in. high x 6.9 in. deep. 

Notable features of both speakers include: 

-Bluetooth compatibility 

-Tap to pair capabilities 

-USB and micro-USB input


Notable features of the Sound Piece Mini include: 

-Portable speaker 

-Built-in microphone and speakerphone 

-Rechargeable battery plays up to 15 hours 

-Rubberized bottom for grip purposes

The rose gold Sound Piece Mini in rose gold is shown here next to a grouping of glasses to show scale (6.5 in. wide x 2.8 in. high x 2.75 in. deep). With a battery lifespan of up to 15 hours, it also features an emergency power bank for on-the-go smartphone charging.  

The quality of sound on the speakers is good and the volume is impressive, especially with the larger Sound Piece. Having said that, Happy Plugs does not position itself as an audio electronics company, and maintains that they "do not see their products as tech products, but as a way to express yourself." For better or worse, this designation removes the Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini from any sort of serious comparison with speakers from premium audio brands like Bose, Beats by Dr. Dre, Ultimate Ears, or Jawbone. At the same time, however, the differentiation elevates the speakers as more design savvy, fashion-forward products that are not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing.


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