A Cedar- and Metal-Clad Shed House Ushers In the Outdoors

A Cedar- and Metal-Clad Shed House Ushers In the Outdoors

By Anna Squier
Located in Craryville, New York, at the base of the Berkshires, is the Texas Hill House, a simple shed structure that opens up to the landscape.

Designed by New York-based, multidisciplinary architecture and design studio INC Architecture & Design, Texas Hill House integrates the clients' Eastern and Western architectural traditions. For instance, the home takes inspiration from traditional Japanese townhomes whose front wooden screens provide privacy, and whose rear sliding shoji screens provide openness. Similarly, at the Texas Hill House, the front is primarily closed, while the rear is connected to and engaged with the landscape through full height glazing and sliding doors. The metal- and cedar-wrapped home is a contextual solution, creating purposeful dialogue between the simple shed shape and the natural setting. 

Transom windows along the side of the house provide cross ventilation. 

The cedar-wrapped deck appears be carved out of the metal-wrapped shape. 

A cantilevered eave provides shading during warm, summer months. 

Oriented to the southwest, the exposure is ideal for solar heating and thermal comfort. Open, continuous living spaces are framed by full-height windows with views to the outdoors. Sliding doors located across the living areas open onto the deck, providing a direct connection between interior and exterior spaces. A 10-foot eave cantilevers off the rear facade, protecting the interior from heat gain in the summer, while allowing the sun to warm the interior during cooler months when the sun is low in the sky. 

The simple shed expression, with long open spans, is the result of the locally-available truss fabrication technology which structures the home.  A muted palette of white walls and wood floors allows the visual emphasis to fall on the textures and colors of the exterior surroundings. 

The dining space is directly connected to the outdoors through sliding glass doors and views to the trees beyond. 

The interior furnishings are a mix of the clients' Eastern and Western influences, blending craft and modernity. 

The kitchen sits as a modern insert in the open living space. 

Large windows continue into the master bedroom.  A green rug connects the colors of the exterior with the interior space. 

Natural materials connect the master bath with the setting. A sunken tub within the floor provides the perfect retreat. 

Wooden screens provide privacy to the master bedroom from the entrance facade. 


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