9 Beautiful Bathtubs

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Never underestimate the healing powers of a long bath – especially when you get to wear a Waffle Robe and Slippers afterward! Inspired by lounging in the world’s finest spas, our new waffle items are soft, lightweight and incredibly comfortable. To celebrate our expanding Bath Collection, we rounded up some of our favorite bathtubs from around the world – budgets be damned! Relax, unwind and soak up the interior design inspiration…
9 Beautiful Bathtubs - Photo 1 of 9 - Source: Amy Bartlam/Homepolish 

Source: Amy Bartlam/Homepolish 

This bathroom broke the internet last year. The art deco clawfoot bathtub oozes Hollywood glamour. Painted matte black on the outside, reglazed on the inside and outfitted with gold hardware, this beauty is truly one of a kind. Add scalloped concrete tile floors, a sheepskin stool and some beautiful artwork…and you’ve got a room that boasts a hundred million likes. 

9 Beautiful Bathtubs - Photo 2 of 9 - Source: HGTV 

Source: HGTV 

What could be more magical than a living wall of mint, lavender and lush greens as a backdrop to your bathtub? This elegant freestanding tub is the perfect place to indulge the fresh scents and calming wonders of mother nature. 

9 Beautiful Bathtubs - Photo 3 of 9 - Source: Erieta Attali/Block 722 

Source: Erieta Attali/Block 722 

Partially submerged and large enough for two, this tub is a study of modern minimalism. In the words of the designer, "Simple geometric volumes, clean lines, top quality materials and small details work together to create a unified space that carries a powerful yet humble sensation." Amen. 

9 Beautiful Bathtubs - Photo 4 of 9 - Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute 

Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute 

We love the clean lines of this rectangular tub, juxtaposed with soft neutral hues. We’re also big fans of placing vintage Persian runners in the loo. Bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in the home, and the lived-in look of these rugs works well in high traffic areas. P.S. This tub can be all yours: Just book The Parachute Hotel for a stay! 

9 Beautiful Bathtubs - Photo 5 of 9 - Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute 

Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute 

Subway tile is so in – but have you seen a look like this? All-white, floor-to-ceiling, shower-tub combo with an inset mirror for the win, whew! And, yes, this tub looks great with our Waffle Robe. 

9 Beautiful Bathtubs - Photo 6 of 9 - Source: Nicki Sebastian/Rip and Tan 

Source: Nicki Sebastian/Rip and Tan 

Washing in a deep hinoki wood bath has long been a tradition in Japanese culture. Using boat-building techniques, craftsmen are capitalizing on this trend and making solid wood bathtubs for the home. Natural beauty never looked so good. 

9 Beautiful Bathtubs - Photo 7 of 9 - Source: Sarah Elliott/Rip and Tan 

Source: Sarah Elliott/Rip and Tan 

Let a breathtaking view be the hero in your bathroom. Use natural materials, neutral hues and straightforward design to achieve true zen in the tub. We’re relaxed just looking at Coqui Coqui’s beachfront. 

9 Beautiful Bathtubs - Photo 8 of 9 - Source: The Apartment by The Line 

Source: The Apartment by The Line 

This free-standing, round Lacava soaking tub at The Apartment by The Line is arguably the most Instagrammed bathtub in Los Angeles. Its big bowl shape is begging for a bubble bath (and champagne, please). 

9 Beautiful Bathtubs - Photo 9 of 9 - Source: Justina Blakeney 

Source: Justina Blakeney 

Justina Blakeney pioneered #TheJungalow movement, so we knew her recent bathroom renovation project would reveal something lush and full of green. She did not disappoint! Designed in collaboration with Kohler, Justina arranged Azurine-colored tiles by Fireclay in a herringbone pattern, then complemented the look with Moroccan-inspired Elephant Star tiles on the floor. The results are downright jungalicious!

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