7 Facts About Moooi Designer Lorenza Bozzoli
By Kelsey Keith / Published by Dwell

1. The Juuyo pendant lamp is Lorenza Bozzoli's first project for Moooi, the Dutch company co-founded by Marcel Wanders. Bozzoli says her sensibility is a match: "I really enjoy it; my work is also ironic but beautifully made [like Moooi]. I'm really proud to work for the company. I don't work for commission; I work for myself. And if they like the idea than we work together."

7 Facts About Moooi Designer Lorenza Bozzoli—While we're scouting news and furniture this week in Milan, we had the chance to chat with Italian-based designer Lorenza about what it's like working for one of the major contemporary manufacturers (in this case, Moooi) and what it's like living in Milan during the off-fair-season.

2. For Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013, Moooi has rented out 18,000 square feet of exhibition space in Zona Tortona. For its theme, Unexpected Welcome, they paired furniture and lighting by Bozzoli (as well as Neri & Hu, Studio Job, Nika Zupanc, and more) in living room vignettes accented by featureless mannequins and oversized portrait photography by Edwin Olaf.

3. "This [lighting] concept is influenced by the Eastern world, and the idea of the geisha," says Bozzoli of Juuyo (below). "They had a beautiful aesthetic and were also very independent. So this mixes the tattoos, the peach flowers, the geisha—it's subversive, but it's my "Pop" idea of Japan."

4. She says of her hometown of Milan: "It's a city for work. There are good factories that make specialized products. This city doesn't have so much glitter or sparkle but it has a lot to offer. I wouldn't live anywhere else in Italy, really!"

5. Bozzoli's business card is emblazoned on the back side with a portrait of her sketched by friend and illustrator Javier Mariscal, the Barcelona-based graphic designer. (He used to live in Milan and they have been friends for ages.)

6. A couple of decades ago, Bozzoli lived in New York and made her living designing fashion accessories, particularly "electronic belts with lights; at that moment everybody was skating and needed light. I sold so many!" Selling those to boutiques like costumer Patricia Field's legendary store on East 8th Street kept her busy for two years.

7. She's done frequent work with Alessi and has several new items coming out in September 2013.

Kelsey Keith


Kelsey Keith has written about design, art, and architecture for a variety of print and online publications.

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