6 Haunted Hotels You Can Book for Halloween

Still in search of Halloween plans? Book a ghoulish getaway at one of these haunted hotels—if you dare!

Each of the following accommodations have a spooky tale to tell if you are seeking a little paranormal activity to go with your Halloween vacation.

Hotel Sorrento, Seattle, Washington

Located in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood, the upscale, boutique Hotel Sorrento is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Alice B. Toklas, who once lived nearby. It is unclear why Toklas haunts the fourth floor—purportedly favoring room 408—where she has been spotted floating down the hall, dressed in ghostly white, lights flickering as she passes. Some guests have even had their drinks mysteriously moved at the bar of the hotel's Dunbar Room.  

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The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles, California

The iconic Hollywood Roosevelt was designed to cater to the film industry since its opening in 1927—even hosting the first Academy Awards ceremony in their Blossom ballroom. However, since the hotel's 1984 renovations, there have been reports of cold spots, strange noises, and other various paranormal activity—all with a glamorous, old Hollywood spin. The ghost of actor Montgomery Clift is said to haunt his former room, where he stayed when he was filming From Here to Eternity.  There have been reports of his spirit rehearsing his lines, pacing the hallway, and playing the bugle as he did in the film. The ghost of Marilyn Monroe has been spotted in her loft-like former suite, aptly named The Marilyn Suite, which offers an open-floor plan with sleek hardwood floors, vintage Eames pieces, and a wrap-around balcony which overlooks the Tropicana Pool & Cafe.  

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Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, California

Known as a discreet hideaway catering to a fashionable, Hollywood insider crowd, the Chateau Marmont is situated on the side of the hill, designed to resemble a chateau in France's Loire Valley. John Belushi famously overdosed in one of the bungalows. According to the Travel Channel, a family with a young toddler stayed in Bungalow 3 in 1999. The child's parents heard him laughing alone, and when they asked him why, he answered, "The funny man." Later, when looking at a book of Chateau Marmont's celebrity guests, the boy pointed to Belushi and exclaimed, "The funny man!" 

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The Langham Hotel, London, England

Designed by John Giles, the Langham Hotel was one the largest and most modern hotels when it was completed in 1865. The hotel has had multiple reports of paranormal activity and spirit sightings—including Emperor Napolean III, who lived at the Langham towards the end of his exile and now reportedly haunts the basement. The ghost of a German prince who jumped from the fourth-floor window has been frequently observed in the early morning hours, walking through doors. You can even book room 333 if you are brave enough—rumored to be the most haunted hotel room in London, it comes with a ghost who likes to tip guests from the bed while they sleep.  

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The Algonquin Hotel, New York, New York 

Well-known as the regular meeting spot for The Round Table—an elite group of New York’s literati who would meet for lunch in Midtown's Algonquin Hotel starting around 1919—the hotel may still be visited by the group's most iconic member, writer and poet Dorothy Parker. 

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The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

When author Stephen King and his wife spent one night at the Stanley Hotel in 1974 just as it was just about to close for the season, they were the only guests. You guessed it: the stay went on to inspire his bestselling novel The Shining. Proud of its spirited history, the Stanley Hotel is widely recognized as one of the "most spirited hotels," and their full lineup of spooky events boasts the "the top Halloween events near Denver."

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