6 Co-Working Clubs Catered to Women That Radiate Good Vibes and Beautiful Designs

Workspaces that harness community, collaboration, inspiration, and success—what's not to love?

It's no wonder why female-centric workspaces are skyrocketing in popularity all across the globe. While these co-working clubs provide a safe, comfortable environment for women to collaborate and network with one another when it comes to business purposes, they also place great emphasis on building community through various events and activities. Plus, they just so happen to echo lots of beautiful design. 

Keep scrolling to take a look at six of our favorite spaces below. From membership fees to amenities and location, we're breaking down all you need to know about each club—just in case you or someone you know wants to join in on the fun.

1. The Assembly 

Housed in a renovated church, The Assembly is located on 14th Street in San Francisco's hip Mission District.

Location: San Francisco, California

Space caters to: "The Assembly is built for women who are seeking a community more than a workspace," says co-founder and CEO Molly Goodson. "Health and wellness—of body, mind, career, relationships—is at the heart of what we do and our members come to prioritize that aspect of their lives." 

Established: January 2018 

Membership fee: $250/month 

Amenities: Workout classes (4-5/day); wellness programs such as acupuncture, meditation, biofield tuning, and nail art; and community events such as happy hours, mom-breakfasts and book clubs

The space: The co-working club is housed in a 7,000-square-foot restored church with original architectural details like stained glass windows. In the sunny backyard, members can enjoy lemon, apple, and plum trees.  

Design inspiration: "We wanted to build a space for inspiration, productivity, and connection," says Goodson. "It feels like an oasis in the city. We want members to breathe a sigh of relief and relaxation as soon as they walk in the doors. We also paid homage to the history of the building and area with our color scheme, vintage pieces, and decor." 

Space designed by: Sara and Rich Combs of The Joshua Tree House 

Designers Sara and Rich Combs of The Joshua Tree House brought The Assembly to life with a soothing neutral color scheme and quirky vintage furnishings and decor.

Amenities include a workout studio, kitchen area, and a spacious backyard with fruit trees.

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London's sophisticated new co-working space dubbed The AllBright has a name that pays homage to former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright and her famous remark, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women."

Location: London, England

Space caters to: Women seeking skills and connections to help their business succeed 

Established: March 2018 

Membership fee: Starts at £50/month, plus a £250 joining fee 

Amenities: Exercise classes; beauty bar; and social events such as talks, exhibitions, debates, and networking meet-ups

The space: The sophisticated five-story townhouse has floors named for Virginia Woolf and the "Bloomsbury Group." The space includes a cafe, a cocktail bar serving wines from all-female vineyards, library, lounge, exhibition space, and meeting rooms. 

Design inspiration: According to its co-founders Debbie Wosskow and Anna Jones, The AllBright is the "enlightened baby" of spaces like Soho House and WeWork 

Space designed by: Emma Rayner and Katie Earl of No.12 Studio  

A conference room with comfortable contemporary furnishings provides space for large meetings.

Contemporary artwork throughout the space is curated by Beth Greenacre—the curator behind David Bowie’s art collection.

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Bold murals give Toronto's female co-working club, Make Lemonade, energizing pops of color throughout the space.

Location: Toronto, Ontario 

Space caters to: "Our space is open to remote workers—whether they own their own business, have a ‘work from home day’ from their office, are tired of working from cafes, or simply want to have a meeting in a bright and inspiring space," says founder Rachel Kelly. 

Established: September 2017 

Membership fee: $400/month for a three-month plan with a fixed desk; $300/month for shared space; $30/month for community membership 

Amenities: Communal kitchen, phone booths, printing, and mailboxes 

The space: The 3,000-square-foot co-working space includes areas for collaborative work along with private spaces for meetings. The indoor "patio" is for community events and hanging out. 

Design inspiration: "I wanted a bright, positive, comfortable space that felt welcoming to all," says Kelly, who hired artists to paint murals and local tradespeople to design custom furniture for the space. 

Space designed by: Tyler Malone and Mike Good of MMNT Design

Members can perch at the bar, relax in a comfortable living area, or sprawl out at one of the many tables used for collaborative work.

Private photo booths allow privacy for Skype and conference calls.

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In Richmond, Virginia, The Broad's interior design strikes a balance between elegance and comfort.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Established: February 2018 

Space caters to: The women who make up the space are lawyers, nonprofit directors, boutique owners, consultants, jewelers, lobbyists, and more. "They represent the true breadth of women in Richmond," says The Broad’s founder Ali Greenberg. 

Membership fee: $75/month with the option to add on part-time or full-time co-working needs 

Amenities: Weekly yoga classes, discounts at local female-owned businesses, field trips to fitness studios, and access to all of The Broad’s events, including talks, panels, workshops, and book clubs

The space: A 2,500-square-foot renovated loft that formerly housed a photo studio is just as sophisticated as it is comfortable. "We mandated high—but never pretentious—design. If you can't put your feet up on it, it isn't comfortable enough," says Greenberg. 

Design inspiration: "We wanted it to feel like an oasis in the city, somewhere comfortable, bright, revitalizing, and made by the women who would use it—from the lighting fixtures to the signage to the soundtrack," notes Greenberg. 

Space designed by: Stevie Toepke of Flourish Spaces

Furnishings and decor throughout The Broad are feminine, but not overly girly.

Rotating artwork—all made by various female artists—is displayed on the walls.

Clean lines and rich textiles give Detroit's Femology a fun and funky vibe.

Location: Detroit, Michigan 

Space caters to: Business women looking to network with other women 

Established: July 2017 

Membership fee: $79-$129/month 

Amenities: Community events, mailboxes, coffee, and snack carts 

The space: The 1,4000-square-foot space is bright and airy with floor-to-ceiling windows and includes open desk space, a living room for relaxing, and a conference area for meetings. 

Design inspiration: "The inspiration was to create a home for entrepreneurial-driven women to work and thrive together in a collaborative ecosystem," says Femology founder Meagan Ward. 

Space designed by: Femology’s Ward and Los Angeles–based designer Samantha Cram 

Femology's founder Meagan Ward created the Detroit co-working club with entrepreneurial women in mind. 

Located in Downtown Detroit, the co-working club offers a mix of space for collaborative and individual working.

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Melbourne, Australia, is home to One Roof, a sprawling 12,916-square-foot space with meeting rooms, event space, and cozy places to take naps.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Space caters to: "Our members range from small business, creatives, social enterprises, and high-growth tech startups, all across industries including fin-tech, health-tech, ed-tech blockchain, artificial intelligence, tourism, cyber security, and fashion," says cofounder and CEO Sheree Rubinstein. 

Established: April 2016 

Membership fee: $1,000/month for private offices, $450/month for virtual community membership, $320/month for 3 days/week with hot desking; $450/month for 24/7 access and a dedicated desk; $39/month for a casual day pass

Amenities: Events available to members include educational workshops, dinner series, community markets, pitch nights, meditation, and dinners with investors. 

The space: The nearly 13,000-square-foot space includes a mix of individual and collaborative workspaces—private offices, co-working space with communal tables, meeting rooms, private phone rooms, and event spaces, along with chill-out areas for meditation and napping. 

Design inspiration: Rubinstein drew inspiration for the co-working space from Melbourne’s historic residence The White House. "The design of One Roof is all about being welcoming and striking the right balance between homey and professional," says Rubinstein. "One Roof, of course, has a feminine touch."  

Space designed by: Rubinstein designed the space with the help of the women of One Roof. "Over time, the entire One Roof team and broader community has given input into the design and functionality of the space," she explains. 

One Roof's walls are covered in bright, graphic murals of females.

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