The New Happier Camper Might Make You Want to Give Up Your Apartment

With two dedicated living spaces, a modular interior, a bathroom, and a kitchenette, Happier Camper’s 2020 Traveler is ready for life on the open road.

Happier Camper just unveiled their brand new 2020 Traveler—and it’s a little roomier, a bit more equipped, and just as flexible as their compact HC1 model. Inside, a series of rugged yet lightweight modular boxes can be rearranged to transform the living area into a dining room, sleeping quarters, or lounge. The boxes provide usable storage space, and they can also be toted outside to serve as furniture when you’ve settled into that perfect campsite.

The 2020 Traveler comes packed with all the conveniences of a modern home, making it easy to camp at length.

An awning provides a shaded area for outdoor hangs. Here, the modular storage boxes double as picnic stools.

The camper’s curvy retro shell is packed with sleek design elements—like wood cabinetry and wraparound shelves, inlaid mood lighting, and five panoramic windows that prop open for ventilation and unhindered views of the great outdoors.

The camper’s well-insulated fiberglass shell is equipped for a variety of conditions and climates.

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Unlike many campers and trailers, the 85-square-foot interior features six-and-a-half-foot ceilings, making indoor meal prep using the full kitchenette a snap. The Traveler comes with an onboard toilet, while a shower add-on lets you rinse off after a long day on the trail.

A view from one of the living areas.

Panoramic windows provide an indoor/outdoor feel. Inlaid mood lighting creates ambiance, and a sleek wood kitchenette makes cooking and cleaning on the road a snap.

Here, the modular blocks are locked into the honeycomb floors to make a bed. They can be rearranged in a number of ways for each moment of the day, and they double as storage for camp sundries or bedding.

The camper is well-insulated for camping in any season, and it uses propane for hot water and heating. The camper can also be outfitted with an optional air-conditioning unit and solar panels. Its durable, 100% fiberglass shell is more resilient than wood or metal in shifting temperatures, and it weighs in at 2,500 pounds—so you can tow it with a sedan.

Prices for Happier Camper’s 2020 Traveler start at $44,950.

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