Living Vehicle Launches New 2020 Luxury Trailer With Off-Grid Living in Mind

The company’s founders give us the scoop on the new 2020 model, which they completely redesigned from the ground up.

The Santa Barbara, California–based luxury mobile home company Living Vehicle just launched its 2020 model with more off-grid capabilities in mind. Designed for full-time living—as opposed to vacations or long weekends—this 28-foot trailer is shaking up the recreational vehicle industry.

Living Vehicle's 2020 model just debuted this week.

Living Vehicle launched in 2017, and there are now 30 of the American-made trailers cruising the streets. A small-batch production of the 2020 model will add 25 new handcrafted units to the open road.

"It’s a one-of-a-kind custom piece, and every year we work on refining and perfecting that one model," says Joanna Hofmann, who co-owns the business with her husband Matthew, Living Vehicle’s architect.

The 28-foot trailer offers 220 feet of living space, along with a fold-down patio deck and a drop-down lofted bed.

"It’s a complete redesign from the ground up," says Matthew. "It has extra capacity for taking it further off-grid, and for generating your own resources."

Matthew, who has renovated nearly 400 Airstreams in the past decade, knows the lay of the land when it comes to designing mobile spaces. He and his wife Joanna have also put in their time living on boats and all sorts of recreational vehicles.

Living Vehicle's founder Matthew and Joanna Hofmann in the 2019 model.

The 2020 model, which retails for $199,000, was designed to go farther and stay out there longer. "We have people who want to travel to more extreme climates and live comfortably," says Matthew. They want to "explore the world in a genuine way, but also take the modern-day conveniences with them."

With a mission to create a net-zero vehicle—no energy in, or water or waste out—Living Vehicle designed its new camper to operate entirely off-grid with the help of batteries and solar power. A high-end nickel-manganese-cobalt battery system stores plenty of energy, so trailers don’t have to rely on plugging in at campsites and RV parks.

The bedroom fits a queen-sized memory foam mattress and plenty of storage.

"It gives you a free and independent lifestyle," says Joanna. "The 2020 model is another step in that direction to create a fully self-sufficient unit."

The spa bathroom includes a hardwood paneled shower with a skylight overhead.

While the trailer has a total of 220 square feet, additional space is smartly tucked away—a queen-size lofted bed is stored in the ceiling, and a patio deck folds off the side of the vehicle.

With entertaining in mind, the media lounge includes a 42-inch smart TV and a SONOs audio system.

The new model also offers customizable options for performance, technology, travel, and interior living. "The upgrades are built on to give more value based on what people care about," says Matthew.

Performance upgrades include items like cantilevered solar awnings that double the trailer’s solar capacity.

Technology upgrades in the 2020 model include a home theater in the bedroom.

Technology add-ons include better mobile connectivity with a WiFi booster, a SONOS audio system, and a private home theater with a 70-inch pull-down screen.

As far as travel upgrades are concerned, there are better tires for more off-road capabilities, cameras to help with visibility, and a four-season extreme package for temperatures ranging from 0 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 2020 model’s kitchen includes all the comforts of home with a dishwasher, pull-out microwave, large refrigerator, and oven and stove combo.

Luxurious interior add-ons include a washer-drier combo and a central vacuum system. And for the culinary folks, there’s a chef’s kitchen that includes a six-bottle wine chiller and an instant hot- and cold-filtered water system.

Deliveries are scheduled for February and March 2020—learn more at Living Vehicle’s website.

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