Airstream’s New Bambi Trailer Targets Newcomers at $49K

Bambi—long a nickname for Airstream’s light, single-axle offerings—launches today as its own family of approachable travel trailers.
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For decades, "Bambi" has been a nickname for Airstream trailers—ever since the legendary 1950s caravan traveling from Cape Town to Cairo, led by the company’s founder Wally Byam. He’d learned of a miniature deer revered by Angolan locals for its strength and sure-footedness; it was only natural that it became the trailer’s moniker. When Bambi was first released in 1961, it was revolutionary in design as a 16-foot, single-axle travel trailer. 

Since then, the title has been applied to all of the brand’s single-axle travel trailers to denote their light, nimble size and enduring quality. Now, Bambi is getting its own family of travel trailers that officially launches June 6. Starting at $48,900, it will surely add fire to the van life movement.  

An approachable Airstream for first-timers, Bambi offers all the creature comforts of home while also being small enough to be towed by a midsize SUV and fit into smaller campground spots. 

The trailer is available in four lengths (16, 19, 20, and 22 feet), and all include a dedicated bed with privacy curtain and mattress that’s made to fit the curve of the Airstream.

A dinette also easily converts into extra sleeping space. 

Interiors are centered around neutral tones that allow natural light to bounce through the space. Two soothing palettes are available including "Dune" and "Ocean," both with Performatex®​ ​fabric seating.

The 20-foot and 22-foot models offer more counter space in larger kitchens, and the 22-foot even has a bathroom that spans the entire rear of the trailer. 

 Other custom options include the ability to add a convection microwave or solar panels. 



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