2010 Calendar from Linda and Harriett

Many of the details of Linda and Harriett-founder Liz Libre's 2010 calendar design are much like those that won us over in 2009: each month garners its own page--half of which features one of Libre's whimsical works, the other of which drills down to the dates--and each is hole-punched at the top so they can be tied together with a ribbon or hung separately from a nail or pushpin.

The big difference this year--which made me give this calendar my vote--is its transformative nature once each month has passed. On the reverse side of each page, Libre printed a postcard layout so that the image can be detached and sent to a friend to say a quick hello. She also had the foresight to seasonlly theme each month's design--rather that cast each in a month-specific light--so sending a postcard of sailboats (June's design) in July doesn't feel dated.

The calendar, which measures nine inches by five-and-one-quarter inches and is printed with soy-based ink on 30-percent post-consumer waste paper, goes on sale in September at lindaandharriett.com and other select retailers. Be sure to mark the date and get a 2010 calendar before 2009 passes you by.

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