12 Playful Pieces of Art to Instantly Liven Up Your Kid's Room

12 Playful Pieces of Art to Instantly Liven Up Your Kid's Room

By Michele Koh Morollo
Guaranteed to radiate positivity, these fun pieces will easily make your kid's room come alive, while also enhancing your little one's creative spirit.

"Every child is an artist," Pablo Picasso once said, and we couldn't agree more. If you're looking for ways to nurture your child’s artistic talents, here are 11 unique pieces sure to infuse fun vibes and endless inspiration.

1. Baby Kangaroo

The Animal Print Shop by beloved photographer Sharon Montrose specializes in high quality photos of baby animals—including adorable piglets, elephants, and kangaroos that can instantly animate nurseries and playrooms.

2. Solar System

Teaming up with Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Teen, online art shop Minted has produced "Solar System," a deluxe ink wall print that will pique your child’s curiosity about galaxies far, far away.

3. Themis Prism Mobile

From L.A. gift shop Artenica comes this geometric, polyhedron prism mobile by designer Clara von Zweigbergk. When hung above cribs, the "Themis Prism Mobile" (which comes in a cheerful color palette of salmon, gold, and green) can keep babies enthralled for hours on end.

4. Liquorice

What kid doesn’t love candy? Created by Montreal–based interior designer Laura Garner, "Liquorice" is a sweet and tasteful wall print that will add pops of color to any space.

5. Littletown

This bright illustrated print by Swedish designer Camilla Lundsten of Littlephant has a charming fairy-tale quality, yet still works well with contemporary interiors. The print is available via Fawn Shoppe, and a portion of the proceeds from each print goes to charity.

6. Friends

Inspired by dinosaurs and the natural world, it's no wonder Portland, Maine-based artist Christopher David Ryan's adorable illustrations—such as this "Friends" print—are full of uplifting, feel-good vibes.

7. Queeboo Rabbit Baby Chair

A kid's seat (with adorable rabbit ears for a backrest) that doubles as a mini sculpture, the Rabbit Chair Baby was created by Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni for Qeeboo to serve as both furniture and art for children. And with a toddler’s bubbling imagination, this pink sculpture chair can even be transformed into a giant pet rabbit.

8. Smile 

Printed in the south of France on recycled paper, this "Smile" poster by French design and lifestyle brand Mathilde Cabana is a great method to help kids learn a new word in a fun and colorful way.

9. Blockitecture

If you think you have a budding architect in your home, you might want to consider bringing in Blockitecture—a set of architectural building blocks by designer James Paulius that can be assembled to create towers, cities, and dwellings. Not only is this a great toy that can help develop creativity, as well as problem-solving skills, it can also be a unique piece of art in playrooms and/or bedrooms.

10. Marta's Clover

Inspired by the simple beauty of nature and naïve art patterns, "Marta's Clover" is a beautiful floral print by Danish designer and photographer Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day.

11. Dinosaurs at The American Museum of Natural History

If your kid is captivated by prehistory, then  "Dinosaurs at The American Museum of Natural History" by Jason Polan, is great way to satisfy their dinosaur obsessions. This  limited-edition art print available exclusively at 20x200.com.

12. Chalkboard 

You can help your little one get in touch with his or her "inner Picasso" with this window-sized chalkboard panel. Thanks to its petite size, it will be the ideal solution to encourage original drawings—not to mention ones that don't make a mess on your walls.


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