100 Contemporary Green Buildings

100 Contemporary Green Buildings

By Sara Carpenter
Now that sustainability is de rigeur in the architecture world, it is no surprise that a new tome from Taschen puts the solar power spotlight on 100 eco-friendly buildings.

100 Contemporary Green Buildings by Philip Jodidio (the acclaimed architecture writer has in excess of 100 titles under his belt) is a hefty compendium of innovative architecture that hits all the green buzzwords: LEED certified, passive, sustainable, reclaimed, net-zero energy, upcycled, etc. We pulled together some of our favorites to whet your appetite for something green.

Geothermal-controlled ventilation and a highly insulated envelope contribute to an energy savings of nearly 30% at the Cafeteria and Day Care Center by Aldinger Architekten in the Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany. Photo by Roland Halbe

100 Contemporary Green Buildings is available now through Taschen

Rainwater is collected from the rooftop of the Permanent Camping! Mudgee abode by Casey Brown, NSW, Australia. Photo by Penny Clay

The Green School in Badung, Bali, Indonesia, by Effan Adhiwira, employs micro-hydro power, solar power, bio-diesel, and natural air conditioning; it was also constructed with 99% natural materials. Photo by Iwan Baan

Junya Ishigami’s Greenhouses at the Japanese Pavilion of the 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale celebrated architecture and landscape equally. Photo by Iwan Baan

Kengo Kuma updated the mid-century Glass Wood House in New Canaan, Connecticut, while maintaining the home’s integration with its natural surroundings. Photo by Kengo Kuma & Associates for Glass Wood House

Architect Marco Casagrande designed the Chen House to make use of the nearby Datun River’s breeze. Raising the house on stilts reduces the building’s impact on the earth while preserving the home from flood waters that run underneath post-storm. Sanjhih, Taipei, Taiwan. Photo by Lukas Casagrande.

The minimal design of the Mandakovic House by WMR Arquitectos in Navidad, Los Arcos, Chile, allows its scenic location take center stage. Photo by Sergio Pirrone.

100 Contemporary Green Buildings, Volume 1 is available through Taschen


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