10 Adorable Tiny Homes You Can Rent Right Now

10 Adorable Tiny Homes You Can Rent Right Now

Discover what the tiny house lifestyle is all about by staying in one of these micro-sized vacation rentals.

If you fancy the idea of living in a tiny house but aren't ready to fully commit, why not feed your curiosity by downsizing for a night or two?

Oozing with charm, comfort, and modern amenities, the 10 micro homes below are eagerly awaiting to help you experience the tiny house lifestyle. But brace yourself—you might become an aspiring tiny-house dweller after just one stay. These delightful abodes tend to do that to renters.

1. Getaway

Find out more about the average prices on Getaway.

Brooklyn–based tiny cabin rental company Getaway encourages harried urbanites to slow down and experience a simpler life in the woods surrounding New York City, Boston, and Washington D.C., with their charming collection of wooden cabins. | Book Now 

 Each Getaway cabin has heating, a hot shower with bath products, an electric toilet, a mini-kitchen, and either one or two queen beds with fresh linens and pillows. 

The interiors of the cabins have plenty of built-in storage.

2. Tiny House in Atlanta, Georgia

Average price: starts at $78 per night 

This two-bedroom, two-bathroom tiny house in Atlanta is conveniently located near some of the city’s best restaurants, and is within walking distance to public transport. | Book Now 

This tiny house features a modern farmhouse-inspired interior, two queen sized beds, and a loft bedroom. 

There is also a large private backyard, a ping-pong table, a fire pit, a washer and dryer, games, HBO and Netflix, and high speed Internet.  

3. Try It Tiny

Average price: starts at $98 per night 

This tiny home community gives owners the chance to rent out their properties to guests, while potential tiny homeowners get the opportunity to try living in a smaller space. Try It Tiny also connects landowners with tiny homeowners looking for a place to park their homes. | Book Now 

Try It Tiny also has pop-up tiny hotels, where they bring tiny houses to events around the country for attendees to stay in on-site.

The Nash House is one of the rentable tiny homes from Try It Tiny. 

4. The Bothy Project

 Find out more about the average prices on The Bothy Project.

Founded by artist Bobby Niven and architect Iain MacLeod in 2011, The Bothy Project is a network of small, off-gird cabins sited in a variety of stunning natural locations around Scotland that cater to designers, artists, and researches looking for a quiet space to focus. | Book Now

 A bothy is also known as a laborer’s small hut or cabin.

 Pig Rock Bothy and Inshriach Bothy are two of the handcrafted structures that inspire artists who use them as residency spaces. 

5. Elmley Nature Reserve 

Average price: starts at $190 per night 

At this nature reserve in Kent, England, you can enjoy the scenery from one of six delightful hideaways known locally as "shepherds' huts" that each have their own unique character. | Book Now 

Just an hour from London, Elmley Nature Reserve in Kent, England, is a 3,200-acre wilderness estate with plenty of wildlife and tranquil landscapes.

The huts are all designed and handcrafted by Dorset–based builders Plankbridge.  

6. Kinetohaus in Austin, Texas 

Average price: $129 per night 

This 240-square-foot rental in Austin, Texas, has plenty of light, a lofted bed, and cool plywood interiors. | Book Now

The homeowner of this house is an architecture student at the University of Texas in Austin, and this is the first full-scale project that he’s built and designed.

 The property is sustainably built and is flooded with natural light. 

7. Unyoked

Find out more about the average prices on Unyoked. 

Sydney–based Unyoked was founded by Australian twins Chris and Cam Grant, who worked with architect Alice Nivison, as well as builder and eco-consultant Richie Northcote from Fresh Prince, to provide tiny home enthusiasts the chance to get out of the city and escape to the Australian wilderness. | Book Now

Unyoked offers four tiny houses in Sydney, as well as two in Melbourne. All of the properties are set in thoughtfully chosen sites of natural beauty. 

 The gorgeous scenery is always factored into the design of Unyoked rentals.  

8. Blue Moon Rising  

Average price: starts at $175 per night 

If you’re on the hunt for a tiny home experience with a hint of rustic Americana, then head to Blue Moon Rising—a tiny house village sited in Maryland's Deep Creek Lake. | Book Now 

The company’s founder, Lisa M. Jan, ensures that all  Blue Moon Rising’s vacation rental homes are built sustainably, leaving only a minimal impact on its natural site. 

At present, 15 cabins are available for rent. 

9. Tumbleweed Tiny House Hotels 

Average price: starts at $129 per night 

This Colorado design-and-build tiny house company has expanded its business to include tiny house hotels around the country, making it extra convenient for enthusiasts to rent one of the quaint homes. | Book Now 

A peek at one of the vacation retreats for rent at a micro-house village near the Great Smoky Mountains in Flat Rock, North Carolina. 

Tumbleweed's tiny house hotels, such as this 305-square-feet property named Riley, can be found in 10 locations across North America. 

10. Live A Little Chatt  

Average price: starts at $147 per night 

Just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee, at the foot of Lookout Mountain are four unique tiny holiday homes that present a wonderful way to get a taste of the tiny house lifestyle. | Book Now 

Shangri-Little Tiny House has a rooftop deck for stargazing. 

Each of the four houses, such as this one named Alpha, has their own distinct look.




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