12 Pieces for Your Nursery That Your Child Won’t Outgrow Overnight

12 Pieces for Your Nursery That Your Child Won’t Outgrow Overnight

When putting together a nursery for your newborn, consider pieces that can last a lifetime.

In the blink of an eye they’ll be walking and talking, and if you forgot to look down the line, you’ll be headed back to the decorating drawing board. Skip the trip with the following furnishings, a collection of kids’ pieces that will bring character and function to their space as they age.

Pieces That Are Playful, Multifunctional, and Iconic

Though these two pieces were clearly designed with young souls in mind, they do double duty as both decorative items and seating options. Vitra’s Eames Elephant—designed by Charles and Ray Eames—and the Magis Puppy—designed by Eero Aarnio—are iconic, whimsical, and functional. Even if your kid moves on, the designs will complement any room in your home for years to come.

Vitra Eames Elephant
Charles and Ray Eames were known for being fascinated with certain animal figures—including elephants. Charles actually collected photographs of the animals from various inspirations around the world.
Magis Puppy
Puppy is designed for the Me Too collection by Magis. A creative piece by Eero Aarnio to do away with the barriers between toys and furniture. Children are attracted by the bright colors and the unconventional forms and characteristics of Eero Aarnio's designs...bringing forth a play on fantasy.

An Adaptable Bed

The Cabin Daybed, designed by Roberto Gil for Casa Kids, is a versatile yet sophisticated design that can be used as a sofa, daybed, or simply a bed. An optional trundle feature makes it perfect for future sleepovers.

The Cabin Daybed also comes with additional features such as sliding drawers below the bed and a hanging tray.

Innovative Storage

Keep everything organized, clean, and displayed playfully with the Uten Silo wall organizer. Designed in 1969 by Dorothee Becker for Vitra, the organizer features containers in an array of shapes and sizes, and metal hooks and clips. Used it to keep your kid’s small belongings in order—or hang it in the kitchen, bathroom, home office, or creative studio. Its durable plastic design makes it perfect for school or craft supplies.

Vitra Uten.Silo
There's no excuse for not getting organized any longer. The Vitra Uten.Silo by Dorothee Becker hangs on the wall and features numerous storage pockets, hooks and clips to keep tools, toys and other knickknacks in their place.

Colorful and Hardy Flooring

If you can’t find a rug that you feel will withstand wear and tear, consider FLOR’s modular carpet squares, which allow you to customize your child’s flooring with easy-to-install tiles. They’re eco-friendly, recyclable, and easy to clean.

FLOR’s tiles are designed to be impervious to moisture, as spills and stains won’t seep through.

Not-Your-Old-School Bean Bag Chair

Ligne Roset’s classic Togo series was such a natural fit for children that Designer Michel Duaroy miniaturized them with his Mini Togo collection.

A Modern Rocker

It’s not a nursery without a rocking chair. Whether you choose to include an heirloom from your grandmother, a plush upholstered rocker, or a more modern version like this rocker by Charles and Ray Eames, remember to consider how the chair will fit in the room—or your home—in the years to come.

A Cool Credenza

Don’t forget that certain pieces of furniture you choose for your child’s room don’t have to be specifically designed for kids. Case in point: Eastvold Furniture of Minneapolis creates well-made furnishings that are designed to be passed down to future generations. Their Elko series includes small credenzas with pops of color that blend modern construction with midcentury form.

A Functional Trunk

Inspired by a traditional trunk from the 19th century, The Trunk by The Hansen Family Trunk is a streamlined, modern, two-box unit from designer Gesa Hansen. It opens up to reveal dresser drawers, cupboard shelving, and so much more.

The Trunk features a hat tree, flip-up mirror, cubby holes for shoes or papers, two drawers, and two large shelves for additional storage.

Comfy Cushions

These fun, sculptural Throwing Stones from Iglooplay are covered in 100-percent wool and encourage lounging, stacking, and playing. Inspired by river stones, they’ll be enjoyed way past early childhood.

Playful cushions in fun colors and soft, durable fabrics are a welcome addition to any child’s room. 

A Desk to Grow With

Eventually, most kids will need a designated spot to do their homework. Designed by Lithuanian designer Inesa Malafej, the EMKO My Writing Desk features storage space around the edge of the desktop to keep things tidy, in sight, and easily accessible.

When Lithuanian-born Designer Inesa Malafej designed My Writing Desk for EMKO, she was aiming to reduce the clutter that creative work can bring to the table.

A Tough Yet Lightweight Statement Chair

The Los Angeles–based company Bend Goods focuses on functional and sculptural furniture that’s playful in color and shape. Lucy, the brand’s most popular wire chair, is crafted from hot-dip galvanized iron to prevent rust, and topped with a powder-coated finish. Add a soft pillow, throw, or cushion and it becomes the perfect place for friends or family to visit with your child.

Bend Goods Lucy Side Chair
Everybody loves Lucy. As Bend Goods' best-selling design, the Lucy Side Chair proves it. The surprisingly comfortable and playful design is made by bending and welding galvanized iron wire. An array of powder coated and metal plated finishes adds even greater flash and vivacity to the finished form.


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