10 Design Tumblrs We Love

10 Design Tumblrs We Love

By Olivia Martin
Spend blissful hours recharging your creative battery with these ten Tumblrs we've put together to make you feel inspired, keep you up-to-date, and occasionally say...WTF.

Appropriate for the holiday season, her recent images have included cozy spaces for cooking, sleeping, and decorating a tiny Christmas tree or two. Photo from My Ideal Home.

Italian Valentina shares dreamy images all meant for her castle in the sky. The blogger tends to lean toward Scandinavian interiors filled with whimsy.

This photo is labeled “Testing a bulletproof vest” and is from 1933. Photo from Black and WTF.

According to the Architectural Review, this is “Thomas Willson’s 1829 design for a 15-acre, 94-storey pyramid cemetery to be built on Primrose Hill, housing 5 million corpses accessed by steam-powered lifts." Photo from The Architectural Review.

This photography blog is a curiosity cabinet full of odd black and white photographs, proving our ancestors weren’t so prim, after all.

This off-the-grid log cabin in Sweden was hand built by designer-craftsman Eetu Puurtinen in 2008. Photo from Free Cabin Porn.

The home page, currently showing imaged from "The Best Photos of 2012" series, this one is of a man walking into the abandoned House of the Bulgarian Communist Party in central Bulgaria. Image from The Atlantic; photo by Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP/Getty Images.

Run by the Architectural Review, a publication that was founded in 1896, the Tumblr promotes the belief that architecture is, "at its core, a socially responsible art" through stunning images pulled from their extensive archives.

“Image from the ‘Everything Once Series,’ about the creation of a machine that reverses entropy,” explained Radcliff. Photo by Justin Benzel.

A simple contrast between a cathedral and bicycle demonstrates the breadth of variety on this Tumblr.

As we head into prime snow season, this Tumblr is a lust-worthy compendium of cabins from all over the world.

As this site is updated sporadically, visiting can be a surprise gift. It's worth a bookmark for occasional checking in.

Portlandia would be proud.

Run by the Atlantic Review, this Tumblr is a pictorial overview of the daily news.

Clean and modern wins the race with this Tumblr. Picture from: Scandinavian Modern.

Things Organized Neatly

Although well circulated in the blogosphere, we still can’t resist Austin Radcliff’s curated collection of images showing, well, things organized neatly.

The Architecture Blog

Put together by four bloggers, the Architecture Blog is an assortment of exteriors, interiors, and wide-angle shots.

The Black Workshop

Run by a Spanish architect and designer, The Black Workshop is a jumble of beautiful moments and great photography.

Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table

Unleash all of your design envy in this foul-mouthed Tumblr devoted to lovely spaces, and why they hate them.

Scandinavian Modern

True to its title, this clean white site features lovely Scandinavian styled interiors featuring organic forms and simple objects.


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