Rudolph Schindler was one of the first wave of modern architects to make their names in America. Born in Vienna, Schindler studied with architectural luminaries Adolf Loos and Otto Wagner, and in the early 1910s came under the sway of Frank Lloyd Wright. He came to the US to work under Wright, which he did in 1918. Wright sent him to Los Angeles to oversee work on his iconic Hollyhock House. He stayed in the city, and in 1922 constructed one of the foundations of Californian modernism, the Kings Road House in West Hollywood. He lived there with his wife and another couple (Richard and Dionne Neutra would later live there with him), making use of many outdoor rooms, a pair of sleeping porches and large studios for each resident. He was deeply committed to the interaction of indoor and outdoor space, a pursuit which defined much of his career. All told he designed some 400 projects, many of which were, and still are, in Southern California,150 of which were completed in his lifetime.

The Restored Rudolph Schindler Project That Was Inspired by a Greek Village
With the help of DSH Architects, a pair of intrepid Angelenos restored (and gently updated) Rudolph Schindler’s iconic…
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