Founded by Joe Malboeuf and Tiffany Bowie, Malboeuf Bowie Architecture is a full-service architecture firm committed to developing innovative design solutions. They are focused on highly crafted custom residential, and multi-family building design in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Their work is characterized by the efficient use of space, creative use of materials, and strong interior/exterior connections.

Bowie and Malboeuf approach each project as an opportunity to work closely and collaboratively with their clients. The collaborative approach extends to their work during construction. They establish a close relationship with builders in order to maintain the design integrity of the project and the successful implementation of every element and detail.

Joe Malboeuf and Tiffany Bowie are committed to sustainability and are trained in Passive House standard design.

Green and Affordable Structure Fits Three Families in One 28-Foot-Wide Lot
Two Seattle architects design and build a dynamic multifamily structure on a formerly vacant lot.