The Deep Dive: Some Assembly Required
Step inside a New Orleans home that was largely built around recycled finds.
The Deep Dive: An ADU That Works All the Angles
Learn more about “the little house with funny angles” from our annual Money Issue.
The Deep Dive: A New Southern Gothic
Studio West looks to the backyard as the place for reinvention in a New Orleans rehab.
The Deep Dive: A Sink That Looks Like a Sculpture
Learn how a hand-carved marble sink took shape in a San Francisco revamp.
The Deep Dive: Peeling Back the Curtain
Original acrylic screens get museum-quality care in this Los Angeles restoration.
The Deep Dive: Creating a USM Kitchen
A thoughtful restoration increases the shelf life of a Philip Johnson–designed home.
The Deep Dive: Steel-ing Home
A renovation of a late 1800s house in Uptown Chicago relies on a bright red I-beam.
The Deep Dive: A Work of Art Underfoot
Learn how sculptural artists Ficus Interfaith designed a terrazzo medallion for the floor of a glass-and-steel office.
The Deep Dive: A Breezy Build
Wind was top of mind during the construction of this holiday home in northern France.
The Deep Dive: A Contemporary Greek Drama
Explore how a house in the Shenandoah Valley channeled Greece as much as Virginia.
The Deep Dive: A Sunken Treasure
A little space goes a long way for Toronto-based architect Lia Maston.
The Deep Dive: A New Type of New Orleans Porch
A garage door and screen facade add new life outside a historic district.
The Deep Dive: The Circle Game
This trend is anything but square.
The Deep Dive: A Prefab Solution
Learn how a creative compound evolved from stick-built to steel.
The Deep Dive: An Artful Renovation
A couple’s art and furniture collection takes center stage in this midcentury renovation.
Before & After: A Design Visionary Gives a Neglected Istanbul Apartment a Fresh Outlook
Efe Kababulut turns a ’70s perch into a serene family home with a Zen garden and views over the Bosporus Strait.
The Deep Dive: A Thick Skin
Timber by-products turn a back alley home into a sustainable haven.
The Deep Dive: An Evocative Exterior
A onetime candy factory gets a sweet transformation thanks to an all-black exterior palette.
In Washington, D.C., a Back Alley Becomes a Sustainable Haven
Leftover urban space and timber by-products add up to the perfect solution for a small family.
The Deep Dive: A Multitasking Homage
Learn why a modest, single-level home took center stage for our November/December issue.
The Deep Dive: A Serpentine Shower
As a Silver Lake renovation came into focus, the homeowner and architect honed their attention on an unexpected area.
The Deep Dive: A Sculptural Spa Shed
A tiny 450-square-foot sauna encapsulates one design studio's approach to a larger Westchester County compound.
The Deep Dive: A Polite Stair
Welcome to The Deep Dive, an online forum for architects and designers.
A Dark and Dreary Welsh Row House Gets a Dazzling Reinvention
A renovation by Benjamin Hale Architects presents “a template for bringing Cardiff houses into the 21st century.”
A Tree Farmer’s House Is Rooted in the Landscape
The owners of Long Island’s Old Orchard Nursery tap Ryall Sheridan Architects to develop a slice of their cherished site.
Architect Cristián Izquierdo Builds a Multifamily Complex—and Instant Community—in Santiago
To build a home for his family in the heart of the city, the designer gathered some friends and put a new spin on communal living.
A Net-Zero-Energy Barn on Long Island Is a Hub for Climate Researchers
In Sagaponack, a sustainable-building magnate’s live/work space provides a model for green construction.
A Stark White Residence Signals the Renaissance of a Brazilian Fishing Town
In a 4,000-person village known for epic windsurfing vacations, Atelier Branco builds a striking courtyard home.
A Prefab Passive House Takes Root in the Catskills
Assembled in just two weeks, the idyllic retreat near Woodstock, New York, realizes a couple’s dream of rural living.
A Vivid, Hand-Shaped Home Holds an Extended Family in Upstate New York
A couple, their kids, and two sets of grandparents share a boldly imagined house in upstate New York.
A Couple Unearth Pencil-Drawn Plans for Their Dream Home in a Fallen Shed
A chance discovery sets in motion a reverent renovation of a quirky Long Island home.
A Random Detour Leads an Expat Couple to Discover Their Future Home in Costa Rica
Architect and homeowner Richard Hammond, along with his wife Daniela, transform two half-built structures that he discovered...
This Home in the Italian Countryside Is Radically Open to the Landscape
With an unusual roof and a ground floor open to the outside, a barn-like house stretches out amidst rolling fields.