Born in Finland, Asko Ahokas studied at the Helsinki University attending courses in art history, sociology, philosophy and economics. While still conducting his studies he worked with one of Europe's exclusive fine art galleries representing acclaimed international artists, participating in leading art fairs around the globe.

After a decade of experience bridging art and design in the commercial and museum fields, he began his own consulting service based in New York City.

Today his service has grown into several related areas of expertise, collaborating with dozens of clients world-wide. He is a frequent jury member of leading design shows and trade fairs, as well as curator of design exhibitions. His recent exhibition concept "Re-Interpreting Nature" was the main exhibition at Design Forum Finland during summer '06, gaining the acclaim of the media and visitors as well.

From his home base of New York City, Asko travels frequently all over the world meeting clients and exploring new and exciting venues, sensing the early signs of the future.

"I am truly passionate about visual culture and consumer trends. I am also equally passionate about my client's projects. My goal is to partner with my clients to enforce their brands, creating projects that are synchronized towards the future ahead."

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