• Sur La Table
    The first Sur La Table store opened in Seattle's Pike Place Market in 1972 selling hard-to-find kitchenware imported from France. Since then the company has expanded to more than 75 stores nationwide, a direct-mail business distributing millions of catalogs each year, an e-commerce site, a gift registry, and a cooking class program. Sur La Table continues to carry many of the same products from France that it carried when it opened, but now offers tools from around the world to prepare any cuisine. Sur La Table remains committed to its roots by continuing to provide exceptional customer service and a broad assortment of premium-quality products. Sur La Table headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington.
  • Table of Contents Studio
    TOC Studio is a resource for design concept and creation. TOC Studio produces interiors, objects, furniture, plans, posters, books, essays, events, strategies, and lists.
  • Bloomming
    Visit us at: https://bloomm.link/2wXw4wS - We Create Fascinating Design Products for your Interior: Room Divider Facet, Design Clock Delay, Table Legs Grip, Ring Set One, Table Moods, Vases Reflections & Much More
  • Liz Filman
    Liz Filman is a principle at RetroWorks.ca, a Toronto-based furniture company that specializes in handcrafted industrial furniture including bookcases, coffee tables and end tables. Inspired by factory floors, designed for urban decor.
  • ilario home
    Home Furniture, Bedroom sets, office Table & chair set, Lighting shop, Garden Furniture,Sofa Set Recliner,sanitary ware stores Hyderabad
  • Spiral Cone Legs
    A husband and wife team, everything here is made of our own design with our own hands in our home shop Handmade original modern table legs and upholstered benches. SpiralConeLegs.com
  • Millie | Lottie
    Go from farm to table and beyond in stylish and unique Millie | Lottie totes. These chic bags include a light cutting board on bottom, enabling you to effortlessly carry everything from pies to Pinot, along with room for anything else you need. Locally produced in San Francisco by Jan Hammock, this line of luxurious bags and wraps are designed for fashionable modern moms, good cooks, and anyone who wants to share food in style. The tradition of carrying and sharing food from the market, to the picnic or potluck, we want to help get you gathering around the table, one meal at a time. Millie | Lottie is a food tote + housewares company that offers a line of modern food totes. We wish to make sharing food, gathering as a community a life-style choice, while keeping manufacturing in San Francisco, U.S.A., promoting sustainable products, and giving-back to the community organizations that support nutrition education. We began design and producing products in San Francisco, California in the Fall of 2015.
  • Valen Fleur
    http://www.valenfleur.com In 1996, Valen, Singapore’s best florist and founder of ValenFleur.com, opened his first retail florist shop. He has since changed the way flowers are bought for birthdays, anniversaries, table flower arrangement, and special occasions. He has a stern belief that no two arrangements are alike – this is the beauty of art.
  • LucasShmitd
    Los Angeles movers https://www.victorymovinginc.com/ were awesome! I had very little time to plan my move, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find anyone on such short notice. Not only were they able to do the job on short notice - they were fast, friendly, careful, and professional all around. They went above and beyond and even tightened down some loose screws in one of my tables. I'd definitely use them in the future and would recommend them to anyone.
  • Bois & Design
    We are a custom hardwood table manufacturer from Quebec, Canada. We have created many different styles since our beginning. Our goal is to enhance wood's natural beauty!
  • Scathain
    Metal, wood, and mirror come together with meticulous craftsmanship and unique designs. We are a design build firm that combines Old World techniques with Midwestern work ethic to craft artistic furnishings and functional accents that last longer than a lifetime. We don't settle for less than the best. We don't cut corners. We don't use glue guns. Our passion is to craft objects that aren't only beautiful. They are timeless, functional, memorable. Whether you are in search of a custom conference table that will linger on the minds of your guests or a dining set to pass down to your children's children, our artisans will deliver.
  • The Industrial Farmhouse
    We design and create our industrial furniture right from our workshop in Chattanooga, Tennessee and ship pieces directly from our back door to your location, so you know you are getting high-quality wood furniture crafted with pride in America. The Industrial Farmhouse’s designs combine upcycled wood and metal in ways that are at once rustic and refined. Each piece balances masculine structural elements with feminine shapes, contrasting metal and wood, old and new for a one-of-a-kind style. Enjoy the beauty and pride of heirloom, American-made reclaimed wood furniture custom built to your specifications. From countertops to tables to shelving, The Industrial Farmhouse can create a special hand-hewn look and feel that transforms any space.
  • molo
    Led by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen, molo is a design and production studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Balancing between the realms of art, design and architecture, molo products and projects are grounded in space making and range in scale from tea set to museum. The design of molo products stems from Forsythe + MacAllen’s architectural exploration. They are inspired by the concept of smaller, tactile objects having true potency in the experience of a space. By working across a range of sizes, Forsythe + MacAllen discover how furniture can heighten the sense of human scale and experience in architecture, or how furniture and product design benefit from thinking in the larger context of place and space making. Hands-on making has always been fundamental to Forsythe + MacAllen’s design process. Ideas pass from mind to hands to material and back again, ingraining a tactile sense of materiality, construction, space and experience. This process has developed to include experimentation with factory production, in close collaborations with manufacturers. It is a way of working that leads to happy accidents and discoveries, inspiring design improvisation and original thinking. molo’s award-winning soft collection, comprised of flexible space partitions, lighting, seating and table elements exemplifies their exploration of production process and experiential space making. Recognized for poetic beauty and pragmatic innovation, softwall and softseating were acquired by the Museum of Modern Art for their permanent collection. molo and the soft concepts have also been honoured with the prestigious Danish INDEX Award, for design to improve life. Forsythe + MacAllen began working together in 1994 at Architecture school. Constructing a number of houses and small-scale objects, Forsythe + MacAllen won several international competitions for design projects and conceptual ideas, including Grand Prize in the Aomori Northern Style Housing Competition, juried by Tadao Ando and Jean Nouvel. The Aomori submission would later evolve into the waterfront Nebuta House, a museum dedicated to its namesake festival. These early projects and ideas have become molo’s foundations. Since its formation in 2003, molo has assembled a dedicated team and grown into a thriving collaborative design and production studio. Additionally, molo has an extended family of specialized manufactures, consultants and contractors that they work with in a beautiful endeavour to bring imagination to fruition.
  • Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes
    Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes is a family business that grew from a successful building supply company to a premier log and timber home manufacturer. In 1966, Wally and Marlace Parmeter founded Golden Eagle Building Center in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. With the knowledge that they obtained from building conventionally-framed homes and an in-depth understanding of the building products industry, the Parmeters decided to pursue their dream of building a log home, in which to raise their family. The Parmeter family individually selected trees from their personal property and carefully cut and dried the logs to their preference. After a year of careful preparation, the Parmeters began construction on their log home. The construction did not go unnoticed by on-lookers. The Parmeter family was approached by many people who were impressed by the quality craftsmanship and beauty of the log home. The dream of living in a log home led to a new arm of the business: providing custom log and timber home packages. Wally and Marlace's sons, Tod and Jay Parmeter, ran the thriving building center throughout the day and manufactured log and timber homes long into the night. During this time, the company-wide "board meetings" consisted of the Parmeter family sitting at a picnic table outside their own log home. The Parmeter family's dedication and love for creating log and timber homes was the reason that the sales from these log and timber homes quickly surpassed the sales from the building center. In 1986, Wally and Marlace decided to expand the home production side of their business by officially founding Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes. Tod and Jay cleared more land, built larger shops, tripled their log inventory, and installed new machinery. These steps were deemed necessary to provide the clientele with greater options, superior quality, and quicker manufacturing times. In 1996, Wally and Marlace retired and left their business in the more-than-capable hands of their sons, Tod and Jay. To this day, Tod and Jay continue to prove their passion for log and timber homes by providing exceptional customer service and superior quality homes at fair and affordable prices. Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes limits the production to 100 log, timber, and custom homes per year. This ensures that each homeowner receives the care and top-quality personal service that they deserve. With over 5,000 homes sold since 1966, Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes’ success comes from a dedicated group of people who are devoted to the time-honored tradition of quality workmanship. The Parmeters are a hardworking family who believes in the Golden Rule: "Treat others as you want to be treated." Please accept our personal invitation to call our toll-free line or, better yet, visit our professionally decorated model home, our showroom, and tour our world class facility. We will take the time to show you the difference in quality, craftsmanship, and customer service in comparison to our outside competitors.
  • Willis Daniels
    This is a story about a kid with a purple crayon, a rock named “HAMMER” and a dream… ​ As a child, I was very curious and always doing art projects. I would also take things apart and put them back together (with varying results). My mother, a writer, an artist and a single mother encouraged my "creativity" when it worked out positively, negative results, (like the death of a toaster) were voiced at the end of a wooden spoon. ​ As a latch-key kid I would come home from school to find many “projects” waiting for me. My mom provided the peel-and-stick floor tiles, the metal straight edge, linoleum knife, an encouraging note and her belief that I could do such a thing; I had serious doubts, being eleven. Many home improvement projects were assigned to me, paint the house, build this picket fence completed with my mother’s favorite tool: a large round rock with the word “Hammer” painted on it. ​ Mom remarried and I became the "Foreman" on my step-fathers seven acre gentleman’s horse farm. I was a large child and a high-school athlete, consequently, my step-father was unhappy with the amount of groceries I consumed. So to “earn my keep” I was tasked with building horse-proof fences, paddocks, a room addition and even a two-story pole barn with little more than my common sense, my “Barn Strength”, my enthusiasm and some old construction guides and a drafting table. I may not have realized it as a teenager, but these successful building experiences provided a hands-on education in construction and ultimately ignited my interest in architecture and design. ​ After high school I worked as a laborer on a road construction crew in Central Pennsylvania for my Uncle’s company Rogele. Jack hammering and shoveling aggregate for ten hours a day was an opportunity for self-discovery, particularly the life choices I had made thus far. Wanting a more satisfying construction experience, I became a frame carpenter on the West Mesa of Albuquerque, New Mexico. My Pop-Pop once told me that there were two kinds of jobs; one that you take a shower before work and one that you take a shower after work. Intense physical labor increased my desire for a formal education. ​ I attended architectural drafting school at TVI, the Technical Vocational Institute (now Central New Mexico Community College), which gave me the technical ability to work as a draftsman part time while I attended the University of New Mexico Architectural Program. I continued working as a frame carpenter on my semester breaks (the money was better). ​ I have been designing and building things since I was thirteen years old. I have many years of experience and have worked on hundreds of projects as a construction worker, a draftsman, a job captain, a project manager, a green building consultant and design principal for both large and small firms. I have solved a lot of design problems for a lot of people. I truly feel that I am best suited to be on my own and I feel that it is truly a privilege to have the design freedom and success that has come with being the President of Willisland. ​ I call my particular style of design “Enthusiastic Modernism”. ​ I refuse to believe that America is in decline, I am not here to help manage her demise. Americans are still the best innovators, inventors and designers in the world. I believe the best time for America is ahead, and in these exciting times I am actively seeking to further our growth and progression. I want to be a part of a new, bright future, I never want to stop learning. ​ Life is short, let’s do something responsible, innovative, and nice to look at and have some fun in the process. ​ Member American Mensa Ltd. Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects Architectural Registration Candidate (A.R.E.) in the State of California.
  • Damian Figueroa
    Serving the South Florida community! BUY | SELL | INVEST www.Damian-Figueroa.com Contact: DamianSellsRe@gmail.com As a licensed Real Estate agent I am an Expert in representing Buyers, Sellers, Investors, and Relocating clients. Listening to my client’s needs, providing superior service, negotiating contracts and problem solving are in the forefront of what I can bring to the table. Working by referral is my number one source of business. I enjoy building long-term relationships with clients and believe it is important for people to understand the type of professional service they get with a REALTOR® that works by referral. My goal is to provide a service that is above & beyond your expectations. It is a “Win-Win” situation for everyone. The better service I provide to you, the more likely you will refer me to your friends, family and co-workers. Please feel free to contact me with any of your real estate needs. I am here to serve you & committed to being your personal Realtor for life!
  • Jeremiah Nielson
    Hello and welcome to Jeremiah Collection by Jeremiah Nielson located in San Francisco, California. Here you'll find a unique collection of handmade walnut wooden furniture. Currently I have many high end solid wood media consoles, modern desks, and a variety of different pieces of bedroom furniture for sale. I also carry everything from bookcases to dining tables. The pieces in the Jeremiah Collection are crafted with over 21 years of furniture manufacturing experience. Our pieces are hand made with timeless quality and design, and currently take 6-8 weeks to manufacture. In our shop we keep a fine balance of traditional and modern joinery that insures the best of both worlds. I enjoy creating custom work so if there’s something you have in mind, but don’t see it in my website jeremiahcollection.com, send me an email and we can discuss it. Make sure you stop by regularly as I do asdd new items regularly. Be sure to like us on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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