• BestPoleSaws
    With the right pole saw, you’ll put less stress on your body and be able to reach those tough limbs in less time. At BestPoleSaws.com, we can help you find the perfect lightweight, long pole saw for reaching those hard-to-get limbs. https://bestpolesaws.com/
  • Achille Castiglioni
    Achille Castiglioni, an Italian designer known for turning everyday industrial items into modern masterpieces, was born in 1913 in Milan. He studied architecture and then began designing with his older brothers, Livio and Pier Giacomo. In 1945, Achille and Pier began designing on their own. The tight-knit nature of the brothers' collaboration extended to their relationships with manufacturers. The duo's best-known work includes the Arco lamp (based on a streetlight) and the Toio lamp (inspired by a car headlight) for Flos and the Sella seat (which features a bicycle seat supported by a pole) and the Mezzadro stool (which incorporates a tractor seat) for Zanotta. After Pier suffered an early death in 1968, Achille continued to design solo until his own passing in 2002.
  • Hagia Sofia Consulting
    Hagia Sofia Consulting is a Fort Worth SEO firm that possesses a broad range of abilities in internet marketing strategies, lead generation, branding, and positioning.
  • Dornbracht
    We are a company with visions and roots. Dornbracht has evolved from a family firm established several decades ago into the market leader for high-quality bathroom fittings and accessories. Quality, functionality and good design are the cornerstones of the corporate philosophy that suitably encapsulates our aspirations. Aspirations that have brought us notable successes and serve as a daily challenge to our company. Dornbracht celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2000 and now enjoys the position of market leader in many countries worldwide. Our product range also includes fittings and accessories for kitchens, as well as Dornbracht Interiors®, a series of exclusive designer furniture and accessories.
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  • Tivoli Audio
    Tivoli Audio was created for one purpose - to bring beautifully designed, simple-to-use, high quality audio products to consumers at a fair price. The company was founded by Tom DeVesto, a highly respected innovator in the audio industry whose decades-long career includes senior management positions at Advent Corporation, Kloss Video and the co-founding of Cambridge SoundWorks. As CEO and head of R & D at his former company, Tom was responsible for the development of some of the best selling and most innovative hifi and multimedia speaker products available.
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  • PkRegulations
    http://pkregulations.blogspot.com Higher Education Commission is stable with the new HEC 2018 positioning of Pakistan's private and public sector universities, increasing colleges and their unique status in Pakistan.
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    The Langmas Group is a full service health care & nursing recruiting company renowned as the top recruiting firm for cardiovascular and all health care management positions! https://langmas.com